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No Highway in the Sky Details


Henry Koster directs the 1951 aviation drama No Highway in the Sky, based on the novel by Nevil Shute. James Stewart stars as Theodore Honey, a widower and single parent to 11-year-old Elspeth (Janette Scott). He's also an absent-minded engineer who has formed a scientific theory about metal fatigue in a specific model of aircraft. He tries to convince British Airways that their airplanes will come apart after a certain amount of miles, but no one believes him. Then administrator Dennis Scott (Jack Hawkins) sends him on a flying mission to investigate a crash site in Newfoundland. Along the way, he meets stewardess Marjorie Corder (Glynnis Johns) and movie star Monica Teasdale (Marlene Dietrich). ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi


James Stewart
as Theodore Honey
Marlene Dietrich
as Monica Teasdale
Glynis Johns
as Marjorie Corder
Jack Hawkins
as Dennis Scott
Ronald Squire
as Sir John, the Director
Janette Scott
as Elspeth Honey
Kenneth More
as Dobson
David Hutcheson
as Penworthy
Ben Williams
as Guard
Maurice Denham
as Maj. Pearl
Basil Appleby
as 2nd Engineer
Michael Kingsley
as Navigator
Peter Murray
as Radio Operator
Elizabeth Allan
as Shirley Scott
Dora Bryan
as Rosie
Hector MacGregor
as 1st Engineer
Felix Aylmer
as Sir Philip
Marcel Poncin
as Scientist
Wilfrid Hyde-White
as Fisher
Bessie Love
Maxwell Foster
John Salew
as Symes
Hugh Wakefield
as Sir David Moon
Jill Clifford
as Peggy
Stuart Nichol
Hugh Cross
as Director's Secretary
Roy Russell
as Butler
Niall MacGinnis
as Capt. Samuelson
Karel Stepanek
as Mannheim
Philip Vickers
as Control Officer


Henry Koster
Alec Coppel
Nevil Shute
Book Author
Nevil Shute
Oscar Millard
Georges Périnal
Malcolm Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Manuel del Campo