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Noe Helt Annet Details


This slapstick comedy has some zingers that hit the mark but others fall flat and deflated. The humor is constructed of puns and sight gags that find their inspiration in two of Sweden's seasoned comics, old Dracula movies, and the spirit of Monty Python. Buff (Trond Kirkvaag) is plagued by an impressive set of incisors, a love of garlic, and strange yearnings on full-moon nights. As it turns out, his odd traits and his genealogical tree both stem from the infamous Count Dracula, an ancestor, in fact. Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous discrimination on the part of his peers, Buff has no intention of following in the Count's footsteps -- he would rather romance the woman of his dreams in the normal human manner (whatever that is). ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Morten Kolstad
Odd Wenn
Trond Kirkvaag
Screen Story
Knut Lystad
Screen Story
Lars Mjoen
Screen Story
Halvor Nass
Tore Tomter
Dagfinn Kleppan
Production Designer
Jon Arvesen
Production Designer
Wenche Petersen
Costume Designer