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No Way to Treat a Lady Details


New York detective Moe Brummell (George Segal) is assigned to track down a serial killer who has been preying on lonely middle-aged ladies. Each of the bodies is discovered with a lipstick kiss drawn on the forehead. We know (but Brummell doesn't) that the murderer is Christopher Gill (Rod Steiger), a round-the-bend actor whose hatred for his mother has driven him to his killing spree. Gill is fond of adopting a different personality and costume with each killing (a priest, a homosexual, a plumber etc.), making him doubly difficult to trace. When Brummell comments to the media that he's up against a criminal genius, he finds himself the reluctant recipient of Gill's anonymous phone calls, wherein the killer plants cryptic clues leading to his next crime. It may not be readily apparent from the previous sentence, but No Way to Treat a Lady is a comedy-albeit a jet-black one. Moe Brummell is hampered with an archetypal Jewish mamma (Eileen Heckart), who in her own way is as deadly as the elusive Christopher Gill. Lee Remick plays Brummell's girl friend, who, as the only person who might be able to identify Gill, is placed in harm's way at the film's climax. A curious by-product of No Way to Treat a Lady is the fact that Rod Steiger was cast in the lead in the 1976 biopic Lee Remick on the basis of the third-rate Fields imitation he offers to George Segal during one of his taunting phone calls. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Rod Steiger
as Christopher Gill
Lee Remick
as Kate Palmer
George Segal
as Morris Brummel
Eileen Heckart
as Mrs. Brummel
Murray Hamilton
as Inspector Haines
Michael Dunn
as Mr. Kupperman
Martine Bartlett
as Alma Mulloy
Barbara Baxley
as Belle Poppie
Doris Roberts
as Sylvia Poppie
Val Bisoglio
as Detective Monaghan
David F. Doyle
as Lieutenant Dawson
Kim August
as Sadie
Al Nesor
Sam Coppola
John Gerstad
as Dr. Shaffer
James Dukas
as Police Artist
Tony Major
Vincent Sardi
Zvee Scooler
as Old Man
Patricia Ripley
as Woman
Burr Smidt
as Detective Sergeant
Don Koll
as Detective
Glenn Kezer
as Officer
Bob O'Connell
Louis Basile
as Customer


Jack Smight
Sol C. Siegel
John Gay
William Goldman
Book Author
Jack Priestley
Stanley Myers
Composer (Music Score)
Andrew Belling
Andrew Belling
Composer (Music Score)
Archie Marshek
Hal Pereira
Art Director
George Newman
Costume Designer
Terence Nelson
First Assistant Director
Bob O'Bradovich
Ernest Adler