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No Holds Barred Details


Hulk Hogan, in an inarguably appropriate casting choice, plays a professional wrestler in this action-packed drama. Rip (Hogan) is a grappling star who is approached by Brell (Kurt Fuller), the new head of the World Television Network. Brell wants Rip to wrestle on his network, but Rip insists on honoring his commitment to another outlet. Brell responds by launching a show called "Battle of the Tough Guys," in which the beefy regulars of a particularly rough drinking establishment fight each other on camera. Zeus (Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr.) soon emerges as the bad guy champion on this new show, and Brell uses Rip's friendship with his assistant Samantha (Joan Severance) to arrange a bout between Zeus and Rip. Rip is not at all interested until Zeus injures his brother and makes the fight a matter of personal pride. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 2, 1989


Hulk Hogan
as Rip
Kurt Fuller
as Brell
Joan Severance
as Samantha Moore
Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.
as Zeus
Mark Pellegrino
as Randy
Bill Henderson
as Charlie
Charles Levin
as Ordway
David Paymer
as Unger
Armelia McQueen
as Sadie
Jesse Ventura
as Himself
Howard Finkel
as Ring Announcer
David de Vries
as Jr. Executive
Diana James
as Squeaky Waitress
Bruce Taylor
as Mr. Johnson
Rebecca Wackler
Bruce Taylor
as Mr. Johnson
David de Vries
as Jr. Executive
Diana James
as Squeaky Waitress


Thomas J. Wright
Michael Rachmil
Dennis Hackin
Tom Pryor
William Essary
James Shanahan
Production Designer
Michael McDonnell
Associate Producer
Buck McDancer
Karen Rea
Richard Glover
Co-Executive Producer