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Divided into four separate independent films originally made as a television pilot, Nightmares begins with "Terror in Topanga," a story about a young woman who goes out one night to buy a pack of cigarettes, knowing full well that the infamous "canyon killer" is on the loose -- and sure enough, a subtly menacing store clerk (Anthony James) begins to loom large in the woman's journey. The second story, "Bishop of Battle" is a sequence with animation that details the saga of a video games champion who comes up against a supernatural opponent. The next vignette, "The Benediction" is about a priest who gives up on his faith and takes off down the highway, only to be confronted with a demonic minivan and good reasons for remaining a believer. The last story, "Night of the Rat" has the rodent that ate Manhattan looming large over the home of a young couple, but never fear, the husband is blasé enough to handle anything, or so he thinks. As might be expected, the low-budget production and facetious scripting of a few of these sequences work against the intended scary effect of the stories. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Cristina Raines
as Wife
Joe Lambie
as Husband
Anthony James
as Clerk
William Sanderson
as Gaspump man
Emilio Estevez
as J.J. [Bishop Of Battle]
Mariclare Costello
as Mrs. Cooney
Louis Giambalvo
as Cooney [Bishop Of Battle]
Moon Zappa
as Pamela
Billy Jayne
as Zock
Lance Henriksen
as MacLeod
Tony Plana
as Del Amo
Timothy Scott
as Sheriff [The Benediction]
Robin Gammell
as Bishop
Richard Masur
as Steven [Night Of The Rat]
Veronica Cartwright
as Claire [Night Of The Rat]
Bridgette Andersen
as Brooke [Night Of The Rat]
Raleigh Bond
as Neighbor
Gary Cervantes
as Mazenza [Bishop Of Battle]
Clare Nono
as Newswoman
James Tolkan
as Bishop [Bishop Of Battle]
Joshua Grenrock
as Willie [Bishop Of Battle]
James Tolkan
as Bishop [Bishop Of Battle]
Clare Nono
as Newswoman
Raleigh Bond
as Neighbor
Gary Cervantes
as Mazenza [Bishop Of Battle]


Joseph Sargent
Christopher Crowe
Christopher Crowe
Jeffrey Bloom
Cameron Crowe
Gerald Finnerman
Craig Safan
Composer (Music Score)
Rod Stephens
Jack Taylor
Art Director
Alan Barnette
Associate Producer
Alex Beaton
Executive Producer
Lee Poll
Set Designer
Bo Gehring
Special Effects
Jim Scribner