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Nightmare City Details


Miller (Hugo Stiglitz) is a reporter on to something when he sees passengers disembark from a plane and start attacking and murdering whomever they come across -- no, they are not upset with their service, they are zombies -- or more accurately ghouls who need human blood to stay alive. While flight attendants may contend that more than one ghoul is on any flight, this group was contaminated by a man exposed to radiation that leaked from a nuclear plant, and they are hereafter identifiable by their black-face make-up, if not their eating habits. When Miller tries to notify the citizens that these monsters are on the loose, he is rudely stopped by a nasty general (Mel Ferrer) who does not want to make the public unnecessarily hysterical. The monsters have a molecular structure that is not affected by bullets, and so in imitation of the accepted code that zombies only die with a shot to the head, the general launches his attack "aiming for the control center" of each zombie head, before everyone is converted into the blood-thirsty monsters. With anemic acting, murky color, and other technical problems, this is simply another zombie film among the masses. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:November 18, 1983


Hugo Stiglitz
as Miller
Laura Trotter
as Sheila
Francisco Rabal
as Maj.Holmes
Maria Rosaria Omaggio
as Dr. Anna Miller
Mel Ferrer
as Gen. Murchinson
Sonia Viviani
Eduardo Fajardo


Umberto Lenzi
Diego Alchimede
Luis Mendez
Piero Regnoli
Antonio Cesare Corti
Jose Luis Delgado
Stelvio Cipriani
Composer (Music Score)
Daniele Alabiso
Mario Molli
Art Director
Riccardo Petrazzi
First Assistant Director
Giuseppe Ferranti