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[[Performer~P95892~Jim Jarmusch~jimjarmusch]]'s deadpan comedy-of-the-night is a collection of five vignettes taking place in the enclosed space of a cab ride, each occurring simultaneously in five different cities and five different time zones -- Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. The Los Angeles episode takes place at dusk, as high-powered casting agent Victoria ([[Performer~P61889~Gena Rowlands~genarowlands]]) gets a ride from L.A. International Airport with tomboy driver Corky ([[Performer~P62446~Winona Ryder~winonaryder]]), who would rather go on driving her cab than take up Victoria's offer to make her a superstar. In New York City, novice East German cabbie Helmut Grokenberger ([[Performer~P51163~Armin Mueller-Stahl~arminmuellerstahl]]) has difficulty working the foot pedals to his hack, and his passenger, YoYo ([[Performer~P22133~Giancarlo Esposito~giancarloesposito]]), ends up driving himself to Brooklyn, picking up the shrill-voiced Angela ([[Performer~P106101~Rosie Perez~rosieperez]]) along the way. In Paris, an African cab driver ([[Performer~P17576~Isaach De Bankolé~isaachdebankolé]]) ejects a collection of drunken African diplomats from his cab and picks up a beautiful but surly blind girl ([[Performer~P16667~Béatrice Dalle~béatricedalle]]). In Rome, cab driver Gino ([[Performer~P81377~Roberto Benigni~robertobenigni]]) engages in a heartfelt monologue confessing his past sexual exploits to his passenger, a priest who is dying of a heart attack in the back seat. The film winds down in the last melancholy vignette, taking place in Helsinki, as taxi driver Mika ([[Performer~P55853~Matti Pellonpää~mattipellonpää]]) picks up three inebriated workmen who regale him with hard-luck stories. But Mika has a much harsher story of his own to tell. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:May 2, 1992


Gena Rowlands
as Victoria Snelling
Winona Ryder
as Corky
Rosie Perez
as Angela
Giancarlo Esposito
as YoYo
Armin Mueller-Stahl
as Helmut Grokenberger
Roberto Benigni
as Gino
Lisanne Falk
as Rock Manager
Béatrice Dalle
as Blind Woman
Paolo Bonacelli
as Priest
Matti Pellonpää
as Mika
Nicola Facondo
as Lover
Noel Kaufmann
as Man on Motorcycle
Emile Abossolo-M'Bo
as 2nd Passenger
Eija Vilpas
as Voice of Dispatcher (Helsinki)
Jaakko Talaskivi
as 1st Factory Worker
Stephane Boucher
as Man in Accident
Donatella Servadio
as Voice of Dispatcher (Rome)
Pascal Nzonzi
as 1st Passenger
Tomi Salmela
as 3rd Man
Antonino Ragusa
as 2nd Transvestite
Sakari Kuosmanen
as 2nd Man
Klaus Heydemann
as 2nd Factory Worker
Gianni Schettino
as 1st Transvestite
Anthony Portillo
as 2nd Rock Musician
Kari Väänänen
as Man #1
Isaach de Bankolé
as Paris Driver
Richard Boes
as 1st Cab Driver


Jim Jarmusch
Jim Jarmusch
Rudd Simmons
Jim Jarmusch
Tom Waits
Tom Waits
Composer (Music Score)
Kathleen Brennan
Jay Rabinowitz
Demetra J. Macbride
Jim Stark
Executive Producer
Claire Fraisse
Costume Designer
Alexandra Welker
Costume Designer
Noboru Takayama
Co-Executive Producer
Masahiro Inbe
Co-Executive Producer
Rudd Simmons
Line Producer