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Night Has a Thousand Eyes Details


A man who dreams of seeing the future discovers the horrible burden that it can carry in this film noir suspense story. Suicidal Jean Courtland (Gail Russell) is prevented from killing herself by her fiancée Elliot Carson (John Lund). When they consult psychic John Triton (Edward G. Robinson), he confesses that he used his powers to bring on her death. Years ago, Triton was a phony mentalist in a vaudeville act, but he began seeing genuine visions of the future, most of which portended tragic results. After a premonition of the death of his wife Jenny (Virginia Bruce) in childbirth, a terrified Triton went into hiding for five years; upon his return, he discovered that his wife had married Whitney (Jerome Cowan) shortly after John was declared dead...and she died giving birth. Years later, Jenny's child grew up to be Jean Courtland, and when Triton receives a vision of Whitney's death in a plane wreck, he rushes to California in hopes of stopping fate. However, he's foreseen a tragic future for both Jean and Whitney and is afraid of the agony that awaits them. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes was adapted from a novel by Cornell Woolrich. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Edward G. Robinson
as John Triton
Gail Russell
as Jean Courtland
John Lund
as Elliott Carson
Virginia Bruce
as Jenny Courtland
William Demarest
as Lt. Shawn
Richard Webb
as Peter Vinson
Jerome Cowan
as Whitney Courtland
Onslow Stevens
as Dr. Walters
Roman Bohnen
as Melville Weston, Special Prosecutor
Luis Van Rooten
as Mr. Myers
Henry Guttman
as Butler
Philip Van Zandt
as Chauffeur
Dorothy Abbott
as Maid
Regina Wallace
as Mother-in-Law
Julia Faye
as Woman
Jean Wong
as Young Chinese Woman
Russell Saunders
Joey Ray
as Radio Announcer
Jim Drum
Billy Burt
as Policeman
Jerry James
Margaret Field
as Agnes
Stuart Holmes
as Scientist
Len Hendry
Albert Pollet
as Frenchman Toto
Lester Dorr
as Mr. Byers
Harry Allen
as MacDougall
John Sheehan
as Elderly Doorman
Minerva Urecal
as Italian Woman
Ray Saunders
Eleanore Vogel
as Scrubwoman
Douglas Spencer
as Dr. Ramsdell
Harland Tucker
as Husband of Frantic Mother
Jane Crowley
as Newstand Woman
Weaver Levy
as Young Chinese Man
Frances Morris
as Mother
Ruth Roman
as Bit Part
Sam Harris
as Deb's Father
William Haade
as Bertelli
Lyle Latell
Edward Earle
as Man
Frank S. Hagney
as Truckman
Gladys Blake
as Mrs. Byers
Jimmie Dundee
Pat Flaherty
as Policeman


John Farrow
Jonathan Latimer
John F. Seitz
Victor Young
Composer (Music Score)
Franz Bachelin
Art Director
Hans Dreier
Art Director
Ray Moyer
Set Designer
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Wally Westmore