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Night of the Creeps Details


Virtually unnoticed during its brief theatrical run, this wildly entertaining horror-comedy achieved healthy cult status following its home-video and cable TV releases. The directorial debut of Fred Dekker (writer of the successful horror parody House), this low-budget effort throws alien monsters, axe-wielding killers, flesh-eating zombies, nudity, and (gasp!) drunken fraternity shenanigans into a blender, spiced with witty one-liners and references to dozens of horror classics (and anti-classics). The result is a satisfying treat that will tickle the tastebuds of horror fans. The film's nominal protagonists are a pair of randy fraternity pledges (Jason Lively, Steve Marshall) who open a literal can of worms when they steal a corpse from the campus medical facility and release a horde of space-leeches, which proceed to infest the bodies of everyone in sight. The host bodies subsequently become homicidal zombies with a penchant for popping in on unsuspecting (and undressing) sorority girls. The town's only hope (such as it is) seems to be a hard-boiled ex-cop (Tom Atkins), who has uncovered the secret link between the zombie invasion and a 30-year-old axe-murder case... and who's also several sandwiches shy of a picnic. Dekker keeps things moving at a brisk pace thanks to some outrageous set-pieces (some of which happen so quickly they'll have viewers reaching for the pause button) and clever dialogue, particularly for Atkins ("Girls, the good news is your dates are here; the bad news is, they're dead"), who dives into his crusty character with relish. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:August 22, 1986


Jason Lively
as Chris Romero
Jill Whitlow
as Cynthia Cronenberg
Tom Atkins
as Ray Cameron
Wally Taylor
as Detective Landis
Bruce Solomon
as Sgt. Raimi
Vic Polizos
as Coroner
Ken Heron
as Johnny
Alice Cadogan
as Pam
June Harris
as Karen
David Paymer
as Young Scientist
David Oliver
as Steve
Evelyne Smith
as House Mother
Ivan Roth
as Psycho Zombie
Beal Carrotes
as Beta Zombie
Jack Lightsy
as Patrol Car Driver
Elizabeth Cox
as Kathy, Kappa Delta
Lori Lively
as Lori
Kevin Thompson
as Alien Pursuer
Robert Kino
as Mr. Miner
John J. York
as Todd, Beta
Robert Kerman
as Policeman with Searchlight
David Alan Johnson
as Young Roy Cameron
Emily Fiola
as Jennifer, Kappa Delta
Richard Sassin
as Irksome Cop at Murder Scene
Craig Schaefer
as Irksome Cop at Cryogenics Lab
Melanie Manos
as Blair
Leslie Ryan
as Sorority Girl with Hairbrush
Chris Dekker
as Dormie #1
Elizabeth Alda
as Cop in Alley
Dawn Schroder
as Sorority Girl at Squad Car
Todd Bryant
as Informative Student
Joseph S. Griffo
as Alien Pursuer
Katherine Britton
as Sorority Girl on Phone
Suzanne Snyder
as Lisa, Kappa Delta
Dick Miller
as Police Armorer
Ted Rae
as Beta Zombie
Jay Arlen Jones
as Cop at Police Station
Dan Frishman
as Alien Zombie
Tex Donaldson
as Cop Outside Sorority
Richard DeHaven
as Dick, Beta
Arick Stillwagon
as Beta Zombie
Alexander Folk
as Cop in Morgue
Brian MacGregor
as Dormie
Robert Kurtzman
as Beta Zombie
Howard Berger
as Beta Zombie


Fred Dekker
Charles Gordon
William Finnegan
Fred Dekker
Robert New
Barry de Vorzon
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Knue
Donna Smith
Production Designer
George Costello
Production Designer
Maria Rebman Caso
Art Director
Donna Smith
Associate Producer
William Finnegan
Executive Producer
Maria Rebman Caso
Set Designer
Ted Rae
Special Effects