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Night of the Comet Details


In this satirical sci-fi comedy, Samantha (Kelli Maroney) and Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) are two sisters whose father was a hard-bitten Green Beret, but who've grown into typical Valley Girls. They end up spending the night in a steel-lined room just as a comet passes close to the earth, vaporizing the people in its wake. When Samantha and Regina emerge, they discover that they have the city to themselves, and they begin the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees. En route to the mall, they discover Hector (Robert Beltran), the only survivor they've found so far, and they argue over who gets the last boyfriend on Earth. However, the mall holds an unpleasant surprise -- a small army of zombified stockboys who the gals must battle using an arsenal they shoplifted along the way (while lamenting that "Daddy would have gotten us Uzis!" after a MAC-10 fails to fire). Meanwhile, a cadre of soldiers from a special military experiment have come out of hiding, but it seems that they need fresh blood to survive, and Samantha and Regina look like just the refreshment they need. Cult figure Mary Woronov also appears in a supporting role as a scientist. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Robert Beltran
as Hector
Catherine Stewart
as Regina
Kelli Maroney
as Samantha
Sharon Farrell
as Doris
Mary Woronov
as Audrey
Geoffrey Lewis
as Carter
John Achorn
as Oscar
Michael Bowen
as Larry
Ivan Roth
as Willy
Wilson Camp
as Party Guest
Chris Chesser
as Radio Spot Announcer
Dick Rude
as Stock Boy
Anna Mathias
as Party Guest
Marc Poppel
as DMK
Devon Ericson
as Minder
Janice Kawaye
as Sarah
Peter Fox
as Wilson
Joel Levine
as Guard No. 2
Stanley Brock
as Mel
Karl Johnson
as Guard No. 1
Bob Perlow
as News Reporter
Bob Porter
as Monster Kid
Chance Boyer
as Brian
Raymond Lynch
as Chuck
Chris Pederson
as Stock Boy
Andrew Boyer
as Rogers
Lissa Layng
as Davenport


Thom Eberhardt
Andrew Lane
Wayne Crawford
Thom Eberhardt
Arthur Albert
Robert Hazard
Featured Music
Fred Stafford
Nancy Israel
Production Designer
John Muto
Production Designer
Nancy Israel
Associate Producer
Michael Rosenblatt
Executive Producer
Thomas Coleman
Executive Producer
David Wasco
Set Designer
Steve Nelson
Sound/Sound Designer
John Muto
Special Effects
H. Gordon Boos
First Assistant Director
Nancy Israel
Production Manager
H. Gordon Boos
Second Unit Director
John Muto
Second Unit Director