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A man with the ability to see the future and change the outcome of events before they occur is forced to choose between saving himself and saving the world in this supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Lee Tamahori (Lee Tamahori, Lee Tamahori). Cris Johnson (Cage) is a Las Vegas magician who possesses the unique ability to witness the events of the immediate future moments before they happen. As a child Cris was subjected to a series of cruel experiments by government scientists and doctors, but a change of name and a new identity allowed the tortured psychic to elude detection and start a new life away from the prying eyes of his former captors. Though his clairvoyant vision only extends a few minutes into the future, it has still allowed Cris to eke out a living as a low-rent Las Vegas magician while earning a little extra cash at the blackjack tables. Up to this point in his life Cris has never used his power for anything substantial, but when he experiences a vision of Los Angeles being incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, the small-time magician realizes that he could hold the key to saving millions of lives. But as low as he has tried to lie in recent years, Cris has never completely escaped detection by the government. Now, as terrorists prepare to unleash the ultimate horror on an unsuspecting city, FBI counter terror agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) sets out to capture Cris and convince him to use his exceptional gift to prevent the nuclear nightmare from becoming a terrifying reality. Jessica Biel, Peter Falk, and Thomas Kretschmann co-star in the film, which is based on a short story by acclaimed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 27, 2007


Nicolas Cage
as Cris Johnson
Julianne Moore
as Callie Ferris
Jessica Biel
as Liz Cooper
Thomas Kretschmann
as Mr. Smith
Tory Kittles
as Cavanaugh
Peter Falk
as Irv
Jim Beaver
as Wisdom
Enzo Cilenti
as Mr. Jones
Jason Butler Harner
as Jeff Baines
José Zuñiga
as Security Chief Roybal
Michael Trucco
as Kendall
Laetitia Danielle
as Miss Brown
Nicolas Pajon
as Mr. Green
Sergej Trifunovic
as Mr. White
Patricia Prata
as Showgirl
Jon Hughes
as Emcee
Jack Ong
as Korean Man
Edith Fields
as Old Lady In Casino
Lorilynn Failor
as Blackjack Dealer
Jessica Barth
as Pretty Blonde
Logan Christopher
as Blonde's Boyfriend
Richard Kay
as Drunk Man
Bonita Friedericy
as Cashier Girl
Danny Downey
as Gunman
Mike Runyard
as Security Gard
Miranda Frigon
as Diner Waitress
Max Lee
as Shadow Tech
Kaynece Watahomigie
as Havasupai Child
Dimitri Watahomigie
as Havasupai Child
Nuce Marshall
as Havasupai Child
Mavis Jones
as Havasupai Child
Paul Rae
as Road Crew Foreman
as Dead Girl
Jeff Michael
as Jeff Michael
Lisa Joyner
as Lisa Joyner
Dean Cudworth
as JTTF Sniper Agent
Chris Palermo
as SWAT Commander


Lee Tamahori
Todd Garner
Arne Schmidt
Nicolas Cage
Graham King
Norm Golightly
Jonathan Hensleigh
Paul Bernbaum
Gary Goldman
Gary Goldman
Screen Story
Philip K. Dick
Book Author
David Tattersall
Mark Isham
Composer (Music Score)
William Sandell
Production Designer
Kevin Ishioka
Art Director
Mark Mansbridge
Supervising Art Director
Jason Koornick
Executive Producer
Benjamin Waisbren
Executive Producer
Gary Goldman
Executive Producer
Kevin Loo
Set Designer
Nick Navarro
Set Designer
Mark Hitchler
Set Designer
Sanja Milkovic Hays
Costume Designer
Robert Gould
Set Decorator
William B. Kaplan
Sound/Sound Designer
Denise Chamian
David Sosalla
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Minkler
Re-Recording Mixer
Max Ivins
Visual Effects Supervisor
Deborah Cha Blevins
Costumes Supervisor
Patty York
Department Head Makeup
Jerry Pooler
Visual Effects Supervisor
Clay Pinney
Special Effects Supervisor
Scott Liedtka
Visual Effects Supervisor
Dion Hatch
Visual Effects Supervisor
Tom Bellfort
Supervising Sound Editor
Eddie Yansick
Stunts Coordinator
Ginger Damon
Key Hairstylist
Elisa Marsh
Key Make-up
Gary Deaton
Construction Coordinator