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Brit Badasses


Colin Firth kills it (and kills, period) in this violent, funny actioner as a British spy who trains his protege to help him save the world from a lisping madman. Beware ladies with foot blades...

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Blackhat Blackhat  (R) Released Jan.16, 2015
The Wedding Ringer The Wedding Ringer  (R) Released Jan.16, 2015
La Vida Robot La Vida Robot  (PG-13) Released Jan.16, 2015
Still Alice Still Alice  (PG-13) Released Jan.16, 2015
Taken 3 Taken 3  (R) Released Jan.09, 2015
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death  (PG-13) Released Jan.02, 2015
A Most Violent Year A Most Violent Year  (R) Released Dec.31, 2014
Invincible Invincible  (PG) Released Dec.26, 2014
Into the Woods Into the Woods  (PG) Released Dec.25, 2014
Unbroken Unbroken  (PG-13) Released Dec.25, 2014
Selma Selma  (PG-13) Released Dec.25, 2014
The Interview The Interview  (R) Released Dec.25, 2014