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Get Down with the Capital C-P-T

Straight Outta Compton

The story behind groundbreaking rap stars N.W.A. has topped the box office for three weeks. Will it make it a four-peat? 

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We Are Your Friends We Are Your Friends  (R) Released Aug.28, 2015
Queen of Earth Queen of Earth   Released Aug.26, 2015
No Escape No Escape  (R) Released Aug.26, 2015
Learning to Drive Learning to Drive  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
Grandma Grandma  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
Hitman: Agent 47 Hitman: Agent 47  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
American Ultra American Ultra  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
Sinister 2 Sinister 2  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
Mistress America Mistress America  (R) Released Aug.21, 2015
People Places Things People Places Things  (R) Released Aug.14, 2015
Walt Before Mickey Walt Before Mickey  (PG) Released Aug.14, 2015
Once I Was a Beehive Once I Was a Beehive  (PG) Released Aug.14, 2015