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Go get 'em cowboy

The Magnificent Seven

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt lead an all-star cast in this reimagining of the classic Western about a group of misfit gunslingers hired by a town to defend itself from an evil industrialist out to steal their land.

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Ben-Hur Ben-Hur  (PG-13) Released Aug.19, 2016
Kubo and the Two Strings Kubo and the Two Strings  (PG) Released Aug.19, 2016
Line Walker Line Walker   Released Aug.19, 2016
Hell or High Water Hell or High Water  (R) Released Aug.12, 2016
Anthropoid Anthropoid  (R) Released Aug.12, 2016
Sausage Party Sausage Party  (R) Released Aug.12, 2016
Pete's Dragon Pete's Dragon   Released Aug.12, 2016
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Rustom Rustom   Released Aug.12, 2016
Little Men Little Men  (PG) Released Aug.05, 2016
Suicide Squad Suicide Squad  (PG-13) Released Aug.05, 2016
Nine Lives Nine Lives  (PG) Released Aug.05, 2016