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The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia Details


Young Bastian again seeks refuge from the problems of the real world in the mystical land of Fantasia in this second, inferior sequel to the sleeper 1984 hit . The set-up is familiar, as Bastian Bux (here played by Jason James Richter), who has moved to a new town, again rediscovers the magical book that serves as the portal to Fantasia and finds solace in the power of imagination. Unfortunately, Bastian is having problems with a group of bullies known as the Nasties, who discover the boy's secret and steal the book. Their meddling wreaks havoc, ultimately releasing Fantasia's bizarre creatures into Earth's dimension. Naturally, it's up to Bastian to retrieve the book and return the Luck Dragon, Rock Eater, talking tree, gnomes, and other assorted creatures to their rightful home. Visually less impressive than its predecessors, and extremely distant from the Michael Ende book that was the series' original inspiration, Jason James Richter made little impression on audiences or critics, who generally agreed that the film was the weakest of the series. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi


Melody Kay
as Nicole Baxter
Freddie Jones
as Mr. Coreander (librarian)
Jack Black
as Slip [The Nasties]
Ryan Bollman
as Dog [The Nasties]
Carole Finn
as Mookie [The Nasties]
Tracey Ellis
as Jane Bux (Mother)
Kevin McNulty
as Barney Bux, Father
Julie Cox
as The Empress [Die Kindliche Kaiserin]
Moya Brady
as Urgl, female gnome
P. Adrien Dorval
as Nasty #2
Richard Newman
as Photographer
David Longworth
as Log Dispatcher
Frederick Warder
as Mr. Rock Chewer (Felsenbeisser)
Mike Fenton
Mark Acheson
as Janitor
Kaefan Shaw
as Bark Troll (Borkentroll)
Lynne Carrow
William Hootkins
as Bark Troll
Irene Lamb
Veena Sood
as Sales Woman
John Bear Curtis
as Lumberjack
Marilyn Norry
as Mrs. Crackerby


Peter MacDonald
Tim Hampton
Dieter Geissler
Michael Ende
Book Author
Karin Howard
Karin Howard
Screen Story
Robin Vidgeon
Michael Bradsell
Rolf Zehetbauer
Production Designer
Jill Scott
Art Director
Klaus Kaehler
Associate Producer
Vin Burnham
Costume Designer
Monique Prudhomme
Costume Designer
Axel Arft
Sound/Sound Designer
David Tringham
First Assistant Director
Marc Boyle
Mike Fenton
Allison Cowitt
Irene Lamb
Lynne Carrow
Harold Tichenor
Line Producer
Harry Nap
Line Producer
Graham Ludlow
Production Executive