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Netherworld Details


One of the early direct-to-video horror films from Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment, this good-looking entry stars 21 Jump Street's Michael Benedetti as Corey Thornton, who inherits a mansion in the Louisiana bayou from his late father. Corey wonders why his father, who abandoned him, would leave him such an expansive estate, and also wonders exactly what the brothel across the way has to do with any of it. The fact that Edgar Winter is part of the brothel's house band should have given him a clue, and when stone hands start embedding themselves in people's heads it is obvious to everyone but Corey that the brothel is a front for a coven of witches. It turns out that Corey's father was heavily involved in black magic and wants to rise from the grave to possess his son's body, and must consign Corey's soul to the netherworld (hence the title) to do so. Denise Gentile plays a tempting hooker, Holly Floria is the love interest, and Anjanette Comer from The Loved One and The Baby is her mother, the mansion's housekeeper. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Denise Gentile
as Delores
Anjanette Comer
as Mrs. Palmer
Holly Floria
as Diane Palmer
Robert Burr
as Beauregard Yates
Robert Sampson
as Noah Thornton
Andrew Just
as Muscular Man
Gregg Brazzel
as Man Thrown in Pond
Jessica Carvin
as Child #2
David Schmoeller
as Billy C.
Mark Kemble
as Barbu-Soir
Alex Datcher
as Mary Magdalene
Kelsie Chance
as Nude Man
Perry Bullington
Carol Brady
as Featured Female Dancer
Darlene Molero
as Hoyden-Harridan
Nicole Krummel
as Nude Woman
Linda Ljoka
as Nona
Patricia Heard
as Match Woman/Horrific Visage


David Schmoeller
Charles Band
Charles Band
Adolfo Bartoli
Carol Oblath
Dennis Curren
Production Designer
Billy Jett
Production Designer
Lois Simbach
Costume Designer
Gregg Brazzel