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Ned (Jeremy Renner of Jeremy Renner) is a proud member of the Aryan Brotherhood who has been admitted to a mental institution for his involvement in a racially motivated murder. Dr. Magnuson (Cary Elwes) and Johnny (Ethan Suplee) have trouble keeping Ned in line. Boisterous and belligerent, he's prone to childish tantrums when things don't go his way. Still, the other inmates, like Joey (Eddie Kaye Thomas) seem to look up to him. Ned's life at the facility is upended with the arrival of Rachael (Gabrielle Union of Gabrielle Union), a beautiful young black woman who's brought in shouting German, and seems to believe that she's possessed by the spirit of Adolf Hitler. At first, Ned mocks her, and attempts to provoke her, but soon, his feelings toward Rachael turn surprisingly tender. Eventually, Ned and Rachael open up to each other, revealing the past traumas that left them in such a screwed up state. Ned, still reluctant to give up the accoutrements of skinhead life, tells Rachael about his imprisoned father and his unhappy foster care experiences, and Rachael tells him about being sexually abused, and reveals that she has a young daughter. When Ned is released from the hospital, he convinces Rachael to leave with him, but the couple finds life together on the outside difficult. Neo Ned also stars Steve Railsback and Sally Kirkland. It was written by Tim Boughn and directed by Van Fischer (Van Fischer, aka Van Fischer). It had its world premiere in the Narrative Feature Competition of the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi


Van Fischer
Valerie McCaffrey
Mark Borman
David E. Allen
Tim Boughn
Chris Manley
Manish Raval
Composer (Music Score)
Amy E. Duddleston
Bipasha Shom
Stephen J. Readmond
Production Designer
Sam Childs
Associate Producer
Kasey Stevens
Associate Producer
Harmon M. Kaslow
Executive Producer
True Cross
Costume Designer
Karin Mcgaughey
Set Decorator
Trip Brock
Sound/Sound Designer
Valerie McCaffrey