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When the director Marta Meszaros made her 1982 autobiographical feature Marta Meszaros about her and her Hungarian family's sufferings in the Soviet Union during the Stalin era, it made Hungary's authorities so nervous that they withheld it from distribution for two years. After seeing that it caused no problems for them, they okayed this movie, which is a sequel featuring the same actors in the same roles. The first movie concentrated on the experiences Juli (her name in the film) has under the Stalin regime and her eventual return in 1949 to Hungary following the imprisonment of her sculptor father and the death of her mother. In this movie, the girl has been having a difficult time with her foster mother, and at eighteen is trying to find some way to expand her horizons. She also wants to see her father, who she believes is still in a Soviet prison. Juli receives a scholarship to study film in Moscow, which is just what she was looking for. There, she encounters Janos, a man who resembles her father and she becomes friends with him, but he is later rounded up and imprisoned for political reasons. Meanwhile, Juli has been commuting between her Hungarian home and Moscow, studying for her film degree and making her first film, a documentary. When Stalin dies, there is a political thaw and Janos is released from prison, at the same time she discovers that her father died in prison in 1944, but his name and reputation had been rehabilitated (that is, they were no longer in official disfavor). When her movie is finally made and released (amid criticism that it is "brutally" honest), she is about to receive her degree in Moscow when she learns of an uprising at home. She wants to return, but the borders have been sealed. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Awarded by
Berlin International Film Festival Márta Mészáros Silver Bear for Outstanding Individual Performance 1987 Winner


Zsuzsa Czinkoczi
as Juli
Anna Polony
as Magda
Jan Nowicki
as Janos @ Father
Pal Zolnay
as Grandfather
Mari Szemes
as Grandmother
Erzsebet Kutvolgyi
as Erzsi
Irina Kuberskaya
as Anna Pavlovna
Adel Kovats
as Natasha


Márta Mészáros
Márta Mészáros
Eva Pataki
Eva Karmento
Eva Martin
Production Designer
Fanny Kemenes
Costume Designer
Istvan Sipos
Sound/Sound Designer