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Nanny McPhee Details


A nanny reveals ways of making children behave that are much more effective than a time-out in this fantasy comedy based on the "Nurse Matilda" books for children by Christianna Brand. Near the dawn of the twentieth century, Mr. Brown (Colin Firth) is a widower who must tend to his business as an undertaker while looking after his brood of seven children. Brown's offspring are a singularly ill-mannered lot who have managed to drive away 17 different nannies when their father arranges for one Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) to help out with the children. McPhee is an strange looking woman with a large nose, protruding teeth, and pock-marked skin, but it isn't long before the kids realize she has magical powers and isn't afraid to use them to help keep them in line. While the children aren't taken with McPhee's insistence on such things as saying "please" and listening to their elders, it becomes clear everyone has bigger things to worry about. Aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury) has insisted that if Mr. Brown cannot find a new wife within a month, she'll take custody of one of the children and cut off Brown's inheritance, and while Brown and the widow Mrs. Quickly (Celia Imrie) seem fond of one another, his ineptitude in courtship seems to insure he'll never get her to the altar. But while the Brown Children realize Nanny McPhee is a formidable opponent, she can also be a valuable ally as they learn to make use of her talents by being better children; they also discover that as they behave better, she begins to look less frightening. Emma Thompson, who played the title role in Nanny McPhee, also wrote the film's screenplay. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:January 27, 2006


Emma Thompson
as Nanny McPhee
Colin Firth
as Mr. Brown
Angela Lansbury
as Aunt Adelaide
Kelly MacDonald
as Evangeline
Patrick Barlow
as Mr. Jowls
Thomas Sangster
as Simon Brown
Raphael Coleman
as Eric
Samuel Honywood
as Sebastian
Holly Gibbs
as Christianna
Hebe Barnes
as Baby Agatha
Zinnia Barnes
as Baby Agatha
Derek Jacobi
as Mr. Wheen
Phyllida Law
as Viscountess Cumbermere
Celia Imrie
as Mrs. Quickly
Imelda Staunton
as Mrs. Blatherwick
Eliza Bennett
as Eliza Brown
Celia Imrie
as Mrs. Quickly
Phyllida Law
as Viscountess Cumbermere
Imelda Staunton
as Mrs. Blatherwick
Derek Jacobi
as Mr. Wheen


Kirk Jones
Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Lindsay Doran
Christianna Brand
Book Author
Emma Thompson
Henry Braham
Patrick Doyle
Composer (Music Score)
Nick Moore
Justin Krish
Michael Howells
Production Designer
Lynne Huitson
Supervising Art Director
Glynis Murray
Liza Chasin
Executive Producer
Debra Hayward
Executive Producer
Philippa Hart
Set Decorator
Nic Ede
Costume Designer
Simon Hayes
Sound/Sound Designer
Gareth Tandy
First Assistant Director
Michelle Guish
David Brown
Line Producer