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Two people who are little more than strangers prepare to marry, and find themselves torn over their cultural identity in the debut feature from director Filippos Tsitos. Bruce (Harvey Friedman) is a footloose American traveling through Berlin when he meets Anke (Nadja Uhl), a single mother who supports herself giving guided tours of the city. For Bruce, it's love at first sight, and while Anke is initially reluctant about pursuing a relationship (especially given the earlier fling that left her with a daughter), eventually she is persuaded to marry him after he pledges to stay with her in Germany. But it isn't long before Bruce is wondering if he might be better off moving back to California instead, and when Anke asks for a traditional pre-wedding get-together, Bruce realizes he doesn't know enough people to throw one. Improvising, Bruce gathers together the patrons of a bar where he and Anke are sharing a few drinks, and soon nine people are sharing stories about where they're from and where they would like to be -- a man from East Germany looking for work (Petar Lewan), two buskers from Russia (Irakli Kemertelidze and Maxim Kovalevski), a student who is about to be sent back to Brazil (David Monteiro), a woman from Korea (Moonsuk Kang) now trapped in a loveless marriage to a German man, a laborer from Morocco (Mehdi Nebbou) and the Greek woman he has his eye on (Eleftheria Sapountzis), a Pakistani gentleman (Neil D'Souza), and the owner of the tavern (Mario Monteiro) who would like to emigrate to America. My Sweet Home was nominated for the Golden Bear award at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Filippos Tsitos
Petar Markovic
Peter Weber
Production Designer
Nebojsha Lipanovic
Costume Designer
Martin Steyer
Sound/Sound Designer
Lucas Schoener
First Assistant Director