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My Stepmother Is an Alien Details


An astrophysicist falls in love with a beautiful woman who is actually a disguised extraterrestrial in this high-concept comedy. Dan Aykroyd plays Steven Mills, a dedicated and harmlessly odd scientist researching ways to send radio signals to deep space. Unbeknownst to him, one of his experiments works better than expected, attracting the attention of an alien in need of help. She travels to Earth and poses as a human, assuming the name Celeste and the body of Kim Basinger. Celeste's lack of knowledge about humanity causes her to act bizarrely at times, but her odd behavior unexpectedly causes Mills to fall in love with her. The confused Celeste decides to play along for her planet's sake, but she finds her plan threatened by Mills' teenage daughter Jessie (Alyson Hannigan), who has become suspicious of Celeste after witnessing some odd behavior. The culture clash between Celeste's planet and Earth serves as an excuse for broad slapstick and sitcom-style humor, such as Celeste's fumbling efforts to enact the human ritual of "kissing." ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:December 9, 1988


Dan Aykroyd
as Dr. Steve Mills
Kim Basinger
as Celeste Martin
Jon Lovitz
as Ron Mills
Alyson Hannigan
as Jessie Mills
Joseph Maher
as Dr. Lucas Budlong
Ann Prentiss
as Bag
James L. Edwards
as Porn Actor
Susan Carlsberg
as 12th Navigational Command
Wesley Mann
as Grady
Adrian Sparks
as Dr. Morosini
Gina Raymond
as 12th Navigational Command
Tanya Fenmore
as Ellen
Amy Kirkpatrick
as Kimberly
Earl Boen
as Reverend
Peter Bromilow
as Second in Command
Chere Rae
as Station Wagon Driver
Michele Rogers
as Skippy Budlong
Jim Doughan
as Party Guest
Barbara Sharma
as Mrs. Glass
Sophia Bowen
as 12th Navigational Command
Karen Haber
as Kristy
Jim Jackman
as Party Guest
Kevin McDermott
as Olaf
Nina Henderson
as Cashier
Robert Benedetti
as Drill Sergeant
Tony Jay
as Council Chief
Juliette Lewis
as Lexie
Seth Green
as Fred Glass
Suzie Plakson
as Tenley
Harry Shearer
as Carl Sagan
Jay McCaslin
as Party Guest


Richard Benjamin
Jonathan Reynolds
Leslie Bricusse
Richard Benner
Susan Rice
Herschel Weingrod
Alan Silvestri
Composer (Music Score)
Timothy R. Sexton
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jacqueline Cambas
Charles Rosen
Production Designer
Ronald Parker
Franklin R. Levy
Laurence Mark
Executive Producer
Art Levinson
Executive Producer
Aggie Guerard Rodgers
Costume Designer
Jerry Jost
Sound/Sound Designer
John Dykstra
Special Effects
Grant McCune
Special Effects
Alan B. Curtiss
First Assistant Director
Dick Ziker
Don Correia
Nancy Foy
Moe DiSesso
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Brad Wilder