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My Little Pony: The Movie Details


In this entertaining feature for the 3- to10-year-old set, the wicked witch Hydia (voice of [[Performer~P41211~Cloris Leachman~clorisleachman]]) and her two nasty daughters, Reeka and Draggle (voices of [[Performer~P149016~Rhea Pearlman~randypearlman]] and [[Performer~P36650~Madeline Kahn~madelinekahn]]) are scheming to flood Ponyland with a strange liquid called Smooze. The ponies find allies in the Grundles, who have already been made homeless by the Smooze. The challenge is to stop the witch and her daughters, send them back into their volcano, and retrieve the lost land of the Grundles from under its cover of Smooze -- not to mention protecting Ponyland from the worst. Not an easy agenda, even after several adventures gear everyone up for the grand finale. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:June 20, 1986


Danny DeVito
as Grundle King
Madeline Kahn
as Draggle
Cloris Leachman
as Hydia
Rhea Perlman
as Reeka
Tony Randall
as The Moochick
Tammy Amerson
as Megan
Jon Bauman
as The Smooze
Alice Playten
as Baby Lickety Split
Alice Playten
as Bushwoolie No.1
Frank Welker
as Bushwoolie/Grundle
Jill Wayne
as Shady/Baby Lofty
Katie Leigh
as Fizzy/Baby Sundance
Keri Houlihan
as Molly
Laura Dean
as Bushwoolie No. 2
Laura Dean
as Sundance
Laurel Page
as Sweet Stuff
Sandy Duncan
Sarah Partridge
as Wind Whistler
Scott Menville
as Danny
Sheryl Bernstein
as Bushwoolie
Susan Blu
as Bushwoolie
Susan Blu
as Grundle
Susan Blu
as Lofty
Nancy Cartwright
as Gusty
Peter Cullen
as Grundle/Ahgg
Cathy Cavadini
as North Star
Michael Patrick Bell
as Grundle
Russie Taylor
as Bushwoolie
Russie Taylor
as Morning Glory
Russie Taylor
as Rosedust
Charlie Adler
as Spike/Woodland Creature
Ellen Gerstein
as Magic Star


Michael Joens
Joe Bacal
Tom Griffin
George Arthur Bloom
Barry Harman
Tommy Goodman
Composer (Music Score)