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My Science Project Details


In this sci-fi comedy, a high school hood, Michael Harlan, procrastinates on his science project until the day before it is due. Hastily seeking to rectify his predicament, the youth begins scouring an abandoned military dump and runs across a strange looking machine with a large crystal orb. He has no idea that it belonged to a shot down alien space craft and that it contains not only the power to generate time warps, it can also destroy the world. If he did, he might not have turned it on. Unfortunately, he does activate it and sends his entire class back in time. The special effects are especially notable, as the kids roam Earth from the dawn of time, to the future. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


John Stockwell
as Michael Harlan
Fisher Stevens
as Vince Latello
Raphael Sbarge
as Sherman
Dennis Hopper
as Bob Roberts
Barry Corbin
as Lew Harlan
Ann Wedgeworth
as Dolores
Richard Masur
as Detective Isadore Nulty
John Carter
as General
Robert Beer
as Dwight D. Eisenhower
Beau Dremann
as Matusky
Jack O'Leary
as Sentry at Air Force Guardhouse
Matt Hoelscher
as Preppie
Ann Culotta
as Trucker's Wife
Elven Havard
as Fireman
Noel Conlon
as Secret Service Agent
Jackson Bostwick
as Sentry
Danielle von Zerneck
as Ellie Sawyer
John Vidor
as Jock No. 1
Frank Welker
as Alien Voices
Hank Calia
as Neanderthal Man
Clare Peck
as Policewoman
Michael Berryman
as Mutant No. 1
Robin Allyn
as Ellie's Friend
Pamela Springsteen
as Hall Monitor, Ellie's Friend
Vincent Barbour
as Jock No. 2
Robert DoQui
as Desk Sergeant
Linda Hoy
as Librarian
Chuck Hemingway
as Coy
Candace Silvers
as Irene
Jaime Alba
as Jock No. 3


Jonathan Betuel
Jonathan Taplin
Jonathan Betuel
Bill Heller
Bob Held
Holly Knight
Nick Gilder
C. Timothy O'Meara
Jerry Wunderlich
Set Designer
John Scheele
Special Effects
Bill Shepard