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My Favorite Spy Details


Bob Hope is up to his famous nose in danger in this espionage comedy. Second-rate burlesque comic Peanuts White (Hope) is approached by federal agents who think that he's international spy Eric Augustine, to whom Peanuts bears a striking resemblance. When they realize that Peanuts and Eric are two different people, the FBI persuades him to travel to Africa posing as Eric and fetch a batch of microfilm that could prove vital to national security. With reluctance, Peanuts flies to Tangiers and arranges a rendezvous with Lily Dalbray (Hedy Lamarr), Eric's beautiful girlfriend and an agent of shifting alliances herself. However, Lily's superior Karl Brubaker (Francis L. Sullivan) wants the microfilm, and he will stop at nothing to get it. As Peanuts tries to rescue the microfilm, make time with Lily, and avoid Karl, things become even more confused when Eric escapes from hiding and re-enters the picture. Both Bob Hope and Hedy Lamarr contribute songs to the soundtrack, though unlike Bob, Hedy's vocals were dubbed in by a studio vocalist. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Bob Hope
as Eric Augustine
Bob Hope
as Peanuts White
Hedy Lamarr
as Lily Dalbray
Francis L. Sullivan
as Karl Brubaker
Arnold Moss
as Tasso
John Archer
as Henderson
Luis Van Rooten
as Hoenig
Morris Ankrum
as Gen. Fraser
Angela Clarke
as Gypsy Fortune Teller
Iris Adrian
as Lola
Frank Faylen
as Newton
Mike Mazurki
as Monkara
Marc Lawrence
as Ben Ali
Tonio Selwart
as Harry Crock
Ralph Smiley
as El Sarif
Nestor Paiva
as Fire Chief
Lyle Moraine
as Foster
Alberto Morin
as Hotel Employee
Mary Murphy
as Manicurist
Torben Meyer
as Headwaiter
Alphonse Martell
as Assistant Manager of French Hotel
Ralph Montgomery
as Grant
Lillian Molieri
as Girl
Tony Mirelez
as Shine Boy
Hank Mann
as Comic
Ivan Triesault
as Gunman
Felipe Turich
as Porters
Rolfe Sedan
Joan Whitney
as Burlesque Blonde
Crane Whitley
as Willie
Veola Vonn
as Tara
Howard Negley
Rudy Rama
as Knife Man
Jack Pepper
Paul Newlan
Norbert Schiller
as Dr. Estrallo
Roy Roberts
as Johnson
Ralph Sanford
as Straight Man
Duke York
as Man
Jack Chefe
Chester Conklin
Delmar Costello
as Beggar
Dorothy Abbott
as Pretty Girl
Michael Ansara
Abdullah Abbas
as Egyptian Porter
Abdullah Abbas
as Fireman
Ralph Byrd
Eugene Borden
as Manager
Stanley Blystone
as Guard
Mike Mahoney
as Murphy
Frank S. Hagney
as Camel Herdsman
Bobbie Hall
as Tailor
Peggy Gordon
Steven Geray
as Croupier
George Lynn
as Official
Pepe Hern
as Bellboy
Jerry James
Sayre Dearing
as Dealer in Gambling Room
Suzanne Dalbert
as Barefoot Maid
Fritz Feld
as Dress Designer
Billy Engle
Jimmie Dundee
Don Dunning
as House Servant


Norman Z. McLeod
Paul Jones
Jack Sher
Edmund L. Hartmann
Lou Breslow
Screen Story
Lou Breslow
Adaptation by
Lou Breslow
Hal Kanter
Victor Milner
Victor Young
Composer (Music Score)
Roland Anderson
Art Director
Hal Pereira
Art Director
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Grace Gregory
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Gene Merritt
Sound/Sound Designer
Gene Garvin
Sound/Sound Designer
Gordon Jennings
Special Effects
Hal Kanter
Additional Dialogue
Wally Westmore

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