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My Bloody Valentine Details


It's Valentine's Day in the tiny mining town of Valentine's Bluff, Nova Scotia, and for the first time in two decades the residents are planning a holiday dance. The long hiatus is due to the tragic events of 20 years earlier, when a pair of mining supervisors were too busy enjoying themselves at the dance to prevent an accident from killing a large contingent of their workers. The lone survivor, Harry Warden, took his revenge the next year by removing the hearts of his bosses and promising similar carnage if ever another Valentine's dance were held. Unfortunately, the town's horny early-'80s youngsters aren't big on tradition, especially since Warden is locked up in an insane asylum. They go ahead with plans to celebrate the holiday -- even after a heart in a candy box shows up and beloved biddy Mabel (Patricia Hamilton) ends up enduring an involuntary tumble dry. Soon, bodies begin piling up, setting the stage for a climactic trawl through the mines and surprise revelations about the fate of Harry Warden. Shortly after the death of John Lennon, the MPAA made an example of this Canadian slasher film, forcing much of its gore to be excised. Nevertheless, My Bloody Valentine provided inspiration for Kevin Shields' influential band of the same name, which helped establish England's late-'80s shoegazer sound and paved the way for the post-rock of the 1990s. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:December 11, 1981


Paul Kelman
as T.J.
Lori Hallier
as Sarah
Neil Affleck
as Axel
Cynthia Dale
as Patty
Helene Udy
as Sylvia
Rob Stein
as John
Tom Kovacs
as Mike
Terry Waterland
as Harriet
Carl Marotte
as Dave
Jim Murchison
as Tommy
Gina Dick
as Gretchen
Peter Cowper
as Miner/Harry Warden
Don Francks
as Chief Newby
Larry Reynolds
as Mayor Hanniger
Jack Van Evera
as Happy
Larry Reynolds
as Mayor Hanniger


George Mihalka
Andre Link
John Dunning
John Beaird
Rodney Gibbons
Paul Zaza
Composer (Music Score)
Rit Wallis
Jean Lafleur
Lawrence Nesis
Associate Producer
Bo Harwood
Sound/Sound Designer
Julian Marks
First Assistant Director
Ray Sager
First Assistant Director
Dwayne McLean
Bob Presner
Production Supervisor
Ray Sager
Second Unit Director