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To say the working relationship between director [[Performer~P94214~Werner Herzog~wernerherzog]] and actor [[Performer~P38429~Klaus Kinski~klauskinski]] was often stormy strains the boundaries of understatement. [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]]'s tirades against [[Performer~P94214~Herzog~wernerherzog]] are the stuff of legend -- [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]]'s scabrous autobiography All I Need is Love features a number of venomous rants against the director far too foul to recount here, while [[Performer~P94214~Herzog~wernerherzog]] had to threaten [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]] with murder to get him to complete his work on [[Feature~V1249~Aguirre, The Wrath Of God~aguirrethewrathofgod]]. However, the collaboration between these two men, no matter how combative, resulted in the finest, most memorable work of either's career, including [[Feature~V1249~Aguirre~aguirrethewrathofgod]], [[Feature~V127854~Nosferatu~nosferatuthevampyre]], [[Feature~V133658~Woyzeck~woyzeck]] and [[Feature~V17649~Fitzcarraldo~fitzcarraldo]], before [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]]'s death in 1991 ended the partnership. Mein Leibster Feind/My Best Fiend is a documentary by [[Performer~P94214~Herzog~wernerherzog]] about his work with [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]], and portrays the actor with a large degree of affection while making no secret of his volatile nature (an actor displays a scar on his head from a wound [[Performer~P38429~Kinski~klauskinski]] inflicted with a sword, while an outtake from [[Feature~V17649~Fitzcarraldo~fitzcarraldo]] shows him terrorizing a member of the crew). Despite their remarkable differences, [[Performer~P94214~Herzog~wernerherzog]] sums up their working relationship with admirable conclusion: "We complemented one another. I needed him and he needed me." Mein Leibster Feind/My Best Fiend was produced for European television, though it did receive a screening (out of competition) at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 17, 1999


Werner Herzog
as Narrator


Werner Herzog
Lucki Stipetic
Peter Zeitlinger
Joe Bini
Andre Singer
Executive Producer
Christine Ruppert
Executive Producer
Eric Spitzer
Sound/Sound Designer
Herbert Golder
First Assistant Director

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