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Murphy's Law Details


An officer of the law becomes a wanted man while trailing a killer in this crime drama. Jack Murphy (Charles Bronson) is a police detective who helped to put Joan Freeman (Carrie Snodgress), a psychotic murderer, behind bars ten years ago. However, Joan is now back on the street and determined to get revenge on Jack. She kills Jack's ex-wife and her new husband, and she cleverly frames the detective for the crime. Jack is arrested and taken into custody handcuffed to Arabella McGee (Kathleen Wilhoite), a rough-and-ready young hoodlum picked up for theft. Jack is able to escape, and has to track down Joan in order to clear his name with Arabella as his unwitting accomplice. Murphy's Law also features Lawrence Tierney and Richard Romanus. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 18, 1986


Charles Bronson
as Jack Murphy
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Arabella McGee
Carrie Snodgress
as Joan Freeman
Robert F. Lyons
as Art Penney
Angel Tompkins
as Jan
Richard Romanus
as Frank Vicnezo
Bill Henderson
as Ben Wilcove
James Luisi
as Ed Reineke
Clifford A. Pellow
as Lt. Nachman
Leigh Lombardi
as Stewardess
Jerry Lazarus
as Lawyer
Tony Montero
as Max
Lisa Vice
as Blonde
John F. McCarthy
as Patrol Cop
Janet MacLachlan
as Dr. Lovell
Gerald Berns
as Young Cop
Linda Harwood
as Waitress
Hans Howes
as Santana
John Hawker
as Hotel Guest
Brooks Wachtel
as Maitre d'
Lawrence Tierney
as Cameron
Robert Axelrod
as Hotel Clerk
Janet Rotblatt
as Mrs. Vincenzo
Paul McCauley
as Bailiff
Richard Hochberg
as Man With Glasses
Cal Haynes
as Reese
Paul McCallum
as Hog
Mischa Hausserman
as Dave Manzarek
Charlie Brewer
as Security Guard
Nancie Clark
as Restaurant Patron
Bert Williams
as Police Capt
David Hayman
as Jack
Wheeler Henderson
as Woman in Bathroom
Dennis Hayden
as Sonny
Jerome Thor
as Judge Kellerman
Frank Bove
as Guard
Frank Annese
as Kelly
Randall Carver
as Mechanic
Joseph Spallina Roman
as Carl
Don Brodie
as Old Man
Graham Timbes
as Detective
Greg Finley
as Booking Sergeant


J. Lee Thompson
Pancho Kohner
Gail Morgan Hickman
Alex Phillips, Jr.
Kathleen Wilhoite
Jim Cushinery
Marc Donahue
Composer (Music Score)
Paul McCallum
Valentine McCallum
Composer (Music Score)
William Cruse
Production Designer
Jill Ireland
Gail Morgan Hickman
Associate Producer
Yoram Globus
Executive Producer
Menahem Golan
Executive Producer
Whitney Brooke Wheeler
Set Designer
Shelley Komarov
Costume Designer