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Murmur of the Heart Details


Told with fondness and precision, and set in France at the time of the IndoChina War (which later became an American problem known as the Vietnam War), this controversial feature handles teen coming-of-age, sexuality and even incest with a gentleness that disappointed the prurient and shocked the conservative. This is one of director Louis Malle's finest films: others include The Fire Within and Au Revoir Les Enfants. Laurent (Benoit Ferreux) is 14 years old and anxious to lose his virginity. However, he has a very close family circle, and, between the family and school, he is too closely watched to get anywhere. He makes the most of an opportunity to neck with the girls at his older brothers' party and later almost gets to lose his virginity in a bordello, but his boisterously drunken brothers interrupt him. His real opportunity arises while his mother takes him for a rest-cure for his heart murmur at a very conventional spa. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:August 16, 1971


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Louis Malle Best Original Screenplay 1972 Nominee


Lea Massari
as Clara Chevalier
Daniel Gélin
as The Father
Michel Lonsdale
as Father Henri
Benoit Ferreux
as Laurent Chevalier
Marc Wincourt
as Marc
Fabien Ferreux
as Thomas
Micheline Bona
as Aunt Claudine
Francois Werner
as Hubert
Henri Poirier
as Uncle Leonce
Yvon Lec
as Father Superior
Huguette Faget
as the Mother
Michel Charrel
as Disquaire
René Bouloc
as Man at Bastille Day Party
Liliane Sorval
as Fernande
Gila Von Weitershausen
as Freda, the prostitute
Ave Ninchi
as Augusta
Annie Savarin
as Cook
Jacques Sereys
Andrzej Zulawski


Louis Malle
Claude Nedjar
Vincent Malle
Louis Malle
Ricardo Aronovich
Sidney Bechet
Featured Music
Henri Renaud
Composer (Music Score)
Jean-Jacques Caziot
Production Designer
Philippe Turlure
Art Director