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Undeservedly thrashed by mainstream critics in its initial theatrical run, this stylish urban thriller from quirky director Abel Ferrara has since developed a modest cult following. The late Zoe Tamerlis stars as Thana, a mute seamstress in New York's Garment District who is raped by two different assailants in a single evening -- once on her way home, a second time in her apartment by a sleazy burglar (Peter Yellen). She manages to bludgeon her second attacker to death with an iron, keeping his .45 automatic and disposing of his body one piece at a time in various locations throughout the city. When a bystander tries to apprehend her after watching her dispose of another grisly piece of evidence, she shoots him dead with the automatic. This act of violent release triggers a latent misanthropic impulse in the waifish Thana -- who was not very stable to begin with -- and she begins pumping hot lead into any predatory male she can find. The bloodbath continues unabated until the surreal, Sam Peckinpah-inspired climax, in which our anti-heroine escapes a Halloween party to square off against multiple male foes while wearing a nun's habit and blood-red lipstick. This film could be viewed as a distaff version of Ferrara's Sam Peckinpah; where the director's previous effort was purely nihilistic, with a killer driven by urban decay, here he depicts Thana as a gun-toting agent of revenge who seems to have absorbed the collective anger of wronged women everywhere -- including women exploited in other movies of the same genre. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Albert Sinkys
as Albert
Darlene Stuto
as Laurie
Peter Yellen
as Burglar
Editta Sherman
as Mrs. Nasone
Jack Thibeau
as Man in Bar
Jane Kennedy
as Seamstress
Evelyne Smith
as Bag Lady


Abel Ferrara
James Lemmo
Richard Howorth
Associate Producer
Mary Kane
Associate Producer
Rochelle Weisberg
Executive Producer
Sue Dalton
Special Effects
Mary Kane
Production Manager
Richard Howorth
Production Manager
Richard Howorth
Assistant Editor
Jack Cooley
Re-Recording Mixer
Abe Speller
Musical Performer
Kathleen King
Sound Recordist