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Mrs. Parkington Details


The usual modus operandi for Hollywood "through the years" sagas was to gradually age its young actors in the course of the film. In Mrs. Parkington, 35-year-old Greer Garson appears in old-lady makeup for virtually the entire 124-minute running time, even though this filmization of Louis Bromfield's best-selling novel covers the years 1875 through 1938. Eightyish widow Mrs. Susie Parkington (Garson) gathers together all of her grown children in an effort to bail out son-in-law Amory Stilham (Edward Arnold), who's gotten in Dutch through crooked financial deals. As the children and grandchildren bicker over the "impossibility" of giving up any part of their inheritance, Mrs. Parkington's mind wanders back to her marriage to wealthy mine owner Maj. Augustus Parkington (Walter Pidgeon) and her own efforts, as an unlearned Nevada serving girl, to fit into proper Manhattan society. Augustus' ex-love Aspasia Conti (Agnes Moorehead, in a surprisingly sexy role) is engaged to teach Susie the in and outs of which fork to use and how low to curtsy. Shut out by the "400," Susie is avenged by her husband, who wheels and deals to ruin the snobs financially. Later on, he assuages his anger by conducting several extramarital affairs, before perishing in one of those convenient movie auto accidents. Just how all these incidents strengthen Mrs. Parkington's resolve to rescue her wastrel son-in-law is a mystery that even two viewings of this overlong soap opera may not solve. Incidentally, Greer Garson isn't the only one who is prematurely aged in Mrs. Parkington; keep an eye out for 27-year-old Hans Conried, convincingly playing a doddering musician. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 12, 1944


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Agnes Moorehead Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 1944 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Agnes Moorehead Best Supporting Actress 1944 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Greer Garson Best Actress 1944 Nominee


Greer Garson
as Susie Parkington
Walter Pidgeon
as Maj. Augustus Parkington
Edward Arnold
as Amory Stilham
Agnes Moorehead
as Aspasia Conti
Peter Lawford
as Lord Thornley
Cecil Kellaway
as Edward, Prince of Wales
Dan Duryea
as Jack Stilham
Gladys Cooper
as Alice, Duchess De Brancourt
Frances Rafferty
as Jane Stilham
Hugh Marlowe
as John Marbey
Selena Royle
as Mattie Trounsen
Fortunio Bonanova
as Signor Cellini
Lee Patrick
as Madeleine
Harry Cording
as Humphrey
Mary Servoss
as Mrs. Graham
Rod Cameron
as AlSwann
Helen Freeman
as Helen Stilham
Tala Birell
as Nora Ebbsworth
Hans Conried
as Mr. Ernst
Maurice Cass
as Shopkeeper
Billy Bletcher
Billy Engle
Frank Reicher
as French Doctor
Harry Adams
Alma Kruger
as Mrs. Jacob Livingston
Ann Codee
as Mme. Dupont
Howard Hickman
as Dr. Herrick
Jessie Arnold
as Pedestrians in Mining Town
John Bohn
Harry Tyler
Marcelle Corday
as Mme. de Thebes
Margaret Bert
Mary Zavian
Maurice Brierre
as Waiters at Ball
Nolan Leary
Rex Evans
as Fat Man
Ruth Brady
as Bridgett
Symona Boniface
as Fitter
Bert LeBaron
Vernon Dent
Wallis Clark
as Capt. McTavish
Robert Greig
as Mr. Orlando
Kay Medford
as Minnie
George Davis
as French Policeman
Wyndham Standing
as Butler
Donna Reed
Bobby Barber
as Caterer
Brandon Hurst
as Footman
Al Ferguson
Al Hill
Byron Foulger
as Vance
Charles Cane
Doodles Weaver
as Caterer
Edward Fielding
as Rev. Pilbridge
Eugene Borden
as Drunk
Franco Corsaro
as Gypsy Fiddler
Fred Rapport
Gordon Richards
as James the Butler
Grace Hayle
as Fat Lady


Tay Garnett
Leon Gordon
Louis Bromfield
Book Author
Polly James
Robert Thoeren
Joseph Ruttenberg
Bronislau Kaper
Composer (Music Score)
George Boemler
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Randall Duell
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Arnold A. Gillespie
Special Effects
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects