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Mr. Saturday Night Details


Given his success in the early days of television, you'd think that Buddy Young Jr. (Billy Crystal) would be coasting happily into retirement alongside his wife, Elaine (Julie Warner). Instead, Buddy is an acerbic blowhard who alienates his brother, Stan (David Paymer), and everyone else who fails to bow to his bullying. His agent, Annie Wells (Helen Hunt), has positioned elderly Buddy for a big movie role, but his irreverence might come back to bite him one last time.

  • Release date:September 12, 1992


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association David Paymer Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 1992 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences David Paymer Best Supporting Actor 1992 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Billy Crystal Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy 1992 Nominee


Billy Crystal
as Buddy Young Jr.
David Paymer
as Stan Yankelman
Julie Warner
as Elaine
Helen Hunt
as Annie
Mary Mara
as Susan
Jerry Orbach
as Phil Gussman
Ron Silver
as Larry Meyerson
Sage Allen
as Mom
Jason Marsden
as Buddy - Age 15
Michael Weiner
as Stan (Age 18)
Jackie Gayle
as Gene
Carl Ballantine
as Freddie
Slappy White
as Joey
Jerry Lewis
as Himself
Michael Ben-Edward
as Fat Guy in Audience
Lowell Ganz
as 1st Writer
Marc Shaiman
as Lucky Zinberg
Richard Kind
as Reporter
Ben Diskin
as Stan - Age 9
Steve Lively
as "Buddy Buddy" Singer
Bert Copello
as Sullivan A.D.
Voinea Dumitru
as Acrobat
Will Jordan
as Ed Sullivan
William Wendell
as Announcer
Adam Goldberg
as Eugene Gimbel
Babaloo Mandel
as 2nd Writer
Miranda Garrison
as Apacke Dancer
Moira Kelly
Adrian Smertcov
as Acrobat
Phil Foreman
as Uncle Julius
Randy Crenshaw
as "Buddy Buddy" Singer
Randy Doney
as TV Show Dancer
Richard Mehana
as Sidney
Rick Logan
as "Buddy Buddy" Singer
Hartley Haverty
as Susan-Age 6
Irving Wasserman
as Uncle Moe
Jan Lucas
as Karen (Casting Director)
Jerry Gadette
as Stage Hand
Joe Mays
Joey Shea
as MC
Julius Branca
as Stage Manager
Kay Freeman
as Mrs. Gimbel
Larry Gelman
as Mr. Gimbel
Lindsay Crystal
as Screaming Girl
Liz Georges
as Script Girl
Marinela Cimpoeru
as Acrobat
Mark Lonow
as Producer
Cantor Chayim Frenkel
as Cantor at Funeral
Lonnie Burr
as TV Show Dancer
Howard Mann
as Stage Manager
Alberto Toledano
as Apacke Dancer
Conrad Janis
as Director
Costin Cszimas
as Acrobat
Daniel Tisman
as Reece
Edith Fields
as Woman in Commercial
Eugene Kaufmann
as Old Man
Geoff Koch
as "Buddy Buddy" Singer
Birl Johns
as TV Show Dancer
Bob Yerkes
as Acrobat
Tim Russ
as A.D.
Pam Dixon
Steve Kravitz
as Young Comic


Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal
Lowell Ganz
Babaloo Mandel
Donald Peterman
Marc Shaiman
Composer (Music Score)
Kent Beyda
Albert Brenner
Production Designer
Peter Schindler
Lowell Ganz
Executive Producer
Babaloo Mandel
Executive Producer
Kathe Klopp
Set Designer
Ruth Myers
Costume Designer
Peter Montagna