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A man close to death ponders the many lives he might have led in this fantasy from director and screenwriter Jaco van Dormael. Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto) is 117-years-old, ill and facing his last days as he looks back on his past and a particular crucial moment -- at the age of nine, Nemo's parents divorced, and as his mother (Natasha Little) and father (Rhys Ifans) stood on a train platform, he had to choose who he would go with, and whether he would live in the United States or Great Britain. Either choice would bring with it a wide variety of possibilities regarding the sort of life he would lead, and Nemo imagines nearly all of them, including two different wives -- sweet but emotionally blank Jeanne (Linh-Dan Pham) and lovely but troubled Elise (Sarah Polley) -- and another woman, Anna (Diane Kruger), who he loves but can not marry. But as Nemo considers the many different paths his life could have taken, his memory begins to fail him, and he finds it increasingly difficult to be certain which was his real life and which is a product of his imagination. Mr. Nobody also stars Thomas Byrne as nine-year-old Nemo and Toby Regbo as Nemo in his teenage years. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 1, 2013


Jared Leto
as Nemo
Diane Kruger
as Anna
Sarah Polley
as Elise
Linh-Dan Pham
as Jeanne
Natasha Little
as Nemo's Mother
Rhys Ifans
as Nemo's Father
Juno Temple
as 15-Year-Old Anna
Alan Corduner
as Dr. Feldheim
Daniel Mays
as Young Journalist
Michael Riley
as Harry
Harold Manning
as TV Host
Pascal Duquenne
as Henry
Chiara Caselli
as Clara


Jaco van Dormael
Philippe Godeau
Jaco van Dormael
Christophe Beaucarne
Matyas Veress
Susan Shipton
Sylvie Olive
Production Designer
Marco Mehlitz
Jaco van Dormael
Christian Larouche
Jean-Yves Asselin
Executive Producer
Nathalie Gastaldo
Executive Producer
Mark Gill
Executive Producer
Daniel Marquet
Executive Producer
Sylvie Olive
Set Designer
Ulla Gothe
Costume Designer
Lou Solakofski
Sound/Sound Designer
Dominique Warnier
Sound/Sound Designer
Jane Tattersall
Sound/Sound Designer
Frederic Demolder
Sound/Sound Designer
Joanna Colbert
Fiona Weir
Kaatje Van Damme
Kaatje Van Damme
Hair Designer