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Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell Details


Robert E. McEnroe's whimsical Broadway play was adapted to suit the talents of Clifton Webb in Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell. It all begins when "super genius" Lynn Belvedere (Webb) briefly halts a lecture tour to bring some happiness into the lives of a gloomy senior citizens' home. To gain entry into the establishment, the virile, fiftysomething Belvedere claims to be 77 years old. The rest of the inmates are invigorated by the presence of so youthful a "septuagenarian," and before long everyone has taken a new lease on life. Belvedere also finds time to smooth the romantic path for Reverend Watson (Hugh Marlowe) and his fiancée Miss Tripp (Joanne Dru). When Mr. Belvedere's subterfuge is found out, the residents are momentarily dismayed, until they realize all the good their visitor has done. With Clifton Webb in charge (and with an able assist by supporting player Zero Mostel as Belvedere's business manager), Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell is never as treacly or maudlin as it might be under different circumstances. Future Ward Cleaver Hugh Beaumont shows up unbilled as a cop in the opening scene. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Clifton Webb
as Lynn Belvedere
Joanne Dru
as Miss Tripp
Hugh Marlowe
as Rev. Watson
Zero Mostel
as Emmett
Billy Lynn
as Mr.Beebe
Doro Merande
as Mrs. Hammer
Kathleen Comegys
as Mrs. Sampler
Harry Hines
as Mr. Cherry
Warren Stevens
as Reporter
Cora Shannon
as Mrs. Petit
Cecil Weston
as Martha
Hugh Beaumont
as Policeman
Ray Montgomery
as Reporter
Don Kohler
as Reporter
Norman Leavitt
as Pharmacist
Dorothy Neumann
as Librarian
Harris Brown
as Hotel Manager
Guy Wilkerson
as Kramer
Ferris Taylor
as Curtis
Luther Crockett
as Harris
Ted Stanhope
as Beach
Ted Pearson
as Desk Sergeant
Robert Malcolm
as Mr. Holmes
John Farrell MacDonald
as Kroeger


Henry Koster
Ranald MacDougall
Joseph La Shelle
Lionel Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Cyril Mockridge
Composer (Music Score)
Lyle Wheeler
Art Director
Costume Designer