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Moving Targets Details


A woman finds her life is at stake when she learns the truth about her late husband in this action thriller. Susan Fredericks (Libby Hudson) is dealing with the death of her husband Alan, a successful lawyer, when she makes a startling discovery -- Alan was representing Richard Corliss (Miles O'Keeffe), a powerful and ruthless organized crime leader. While Alan was walking on the wrong side of the law, his conscience began to get the better of him, and he decided to go to the police with what he knew about Corliss and his business; Corliss' enforcers killed him before he could talk, but not before he made up a computer disc that duplicated the financial records for all of Corliss' illegal businesses. When Susan finds the disc, she becomes the next target for Corliss and his men, so police detective Zoe Crowe (Sue Ball) is assigned to protect Susan by the city's district attorney (Linnea Quigley), who is determined that Susan will testify in court about what her husband knew. But Crowe isn't aware that one of her partners on the force, O'Malley (Burt Ward), is a gambler deep in debt to Corliss' loan sharks, and that O'Malley isn't above doing a hit against Susan in order to clear his account. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


David Giancola
Jeff Haig
Brett Piper
Scott J. Jones
Associate Producer
Peter Beckwith
Executive Producer
Bob Gregory
Sound/Sound Designer