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Moving McAllister Details


An ambitious young intern at a prestigious Miami law firm finds his dreams of passing the bar and becoming a real lawyer thrown into question when he hastily agrees to help one of the firm's partners move -- only to discover that the attorney's new home is in Los Angeles. Rick Robinson (Ben Gourley) has what it takes to become a great lawyer, the only trouble is that he's a bit of a pushover. Though today he spends most of his time copying documents and dreaming of courtroom debate, in four short days he will take the bar and begin his professional career. Upon stepping into the office elevator and noticing one of the firm's partners, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), the starstruck Rick jumps at the chance to help the counselor move. His patience is put to the ultimate test, however, when he arrives at the lawyer's house to find a mountain of boxes and a note demanding that he hire a moving truck and drive the load to Los Angeles. As if that weren't bad enough, the lawyer's pet pig and spoiled, college-dropout daughter, Michele (Mila Kunis), will be joining him on the drive. Not only does the tempestuous Southern belle seem intent on sabotaging Rick at every turn, but by the time he arrives in L.A. he will have to jump on a plane and race home in order to take the bar exam on time. Strong bonds have a funny way of forming in tense situations, though, and before Rick and Michele know it, they can't stand the idea of being apart. Moving McAllister also co-stars Jon Heder (Jon Heder). ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:September 14, 2007


Ben Gourley
as Rick Robinson
Mila Kunis
as Michelle McAllister
Jon Heder
as Orlick "Orlie" Prescott Hope
Rutger Hauer
as Maxwell McAllister
Hubbel Palmer
as Carl
Billy Drago
as The Lady
Peter Jason
as Mr. Robinson
Catherine Grace
as Mrs. Robinson
Patrika Darbo
as Debbie
Joe Unger
as Lanky
William Mapother
as Bob
Zack Ward
as Earl
Mary Pat Gleason
as Margerie
Tomek Debowski
as Tomek
Maclain Nelson
as Bear Diddly
Whitby Hertford
as Fast-Food Cashier
Lucila Solá
as Petals
Buck Huntington
as Vincent


Andrew Black
Jason Faller
Kynan Griffin
Ben Gourley
Ben Gourley
Doug Chamberlain
Debra Baum
Musical Direction/Supervision
Chantelle Squires
Masahiro Hirakubo
Anne Black
Production Designer
Justin Partridge
Art Director
Maclain Nelson
T.R. Gourley
T.R. Gourley
Executive Producer
Maclain Nelson
Executive Producer
Brittney Leavitt
Costume Designer
Mark Noakes
Sound/Sound Designer
Lionel Maxwell
First Assistant Director
Linda Phillips-Palo