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Zerophilia Review

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… timid …

Who's in It: Taylor Handley, Marieh Delfino, Rebecca Mozo, Kyle Schmid, Gina Bellman

The Basics: A college student loses his virginity and discovers that the encounter has made him a "zerophiliac," someone whose gender begins to change when he's sexually aroused. As his breasts grow and his genitals shrink to nothing, he finds himself no longer attracted to his girlfriend but to her brother instead.

What's the Deal? There are so many good ideas here to present satirically, about how sexuality isn't black and white and what it means to be a man or a woman and what it means to desire whom you desire. And it doesn't know where to go with those ideas at all. It's all, "Zoinks! My penis is gone!"

Post-Shortbus, You've Gotta Bring It: Whether you liked it or not, Shortbus is about the fluidity of sexuality, and it pulls no punches. It's bold if nothing else. So, Zerophilia director, if you're going to make your own movie about sex and sexuality and you decide to be timid, don't be shocked when audiences yawn.

The Mystery of Kelly LeBrock: The foxy '80s lady is credited but barely in the film. You have to wonder what happened there.

Where You've Seen Taylor Handley: In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. And he was one of the kids in Jack Frost. Not the cool Jack Frost about the snowman that murders people, but the weird one with Michael Keaton, where he's the dead dad reincarnated as a snowman. I know, so many snowman movies. Who can keep up with them all?


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