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Your Dumbness

Who's In It: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, Toby Jones, Charles Dance, Damian Lewis

The Basics: Lazy petulant stoner prince Thadeus (McBride) lives in the shadow of his handsome heroic brother Fabious (Franco) until the two of them embark on a quest to save Fabious's virgin bride-to-be from an evil wizard. Along the way they meet up and tag along with a fierce female warrior (Portman), a woman who spends a lot of time rolling her eyes at the prince pair because she's way more powerful than either one of them. There's a lot of pot smoking, penis joking, sword stroking, medieval-times-English-mangling and a whole bunch of gay stuff. (To learn wisdom from the weed-dispensing creature that looks like a seal gone Rastafarian, you have to make out with him and... um... more.) And then there's a second, third, fourth and tenth helping of all of those elements, piled on high, higher and highest. The point? The joke's on you because there isn't one besides making you leave the theater dazed and confused.

What's The Deal: I found myself laughing a lot at this rotten movie. I have no good excuse, either. Sometimes when you're watching a bad movie and you know it's a bad movie and you're stone-cold sober and you're still giggling from start to finish, the reasons why you laugh can be mysterious. It hit you in the right spot on the right day and felt right even in its wrongness. And just to be clear, this isn't just a mediocre movie. It isn't just simply bad. It's BAD. Underwritten bad. Lazily directed bad. No-reason-to-exist bad. Concept-gone-wrong bad. Nothing-works-properly bad. How did these-guys-make-Pineapple Express-AND-this? bad. By way of explanation for my own response, all I can offer is that in the world of comedy, where it can often be a battle between meaningful, smart-dumb laughs and empty, dumb-dumb laughs, you occasionally respond to the empty laugh and it feels like enough at the time.

Best Way--Okay, The Only Way--To Watch This If You're Not Already High Yourself: One of these days it'll wind up on cable and you'll be lying on the couch. You'll have just woken up from a nap with the TV on and you'll be lying on top of the remote but you won't know that. It'll be stuck down in the cushions somewhere. And you'll be too lazy to get up off the couch to hunt for it. So this movie will be on and you'll lie there and watch it and laugh enough times to justify making no effort to change the channel. Later, someone will ask you what you did that afternoon and you'll say, "I watched Your Highness on HBO because I couldn't find the remote."

What Oscar-Winner Natalie Portman Brings To The Table: A skillfully faked proficiency with the pan flute, tough-lady swordfighting, her naked butt cheeks and occasionally funny lines like "I plan to burn them one by one in a symphony of shrieks." Not a lot more.

David Gordon Green, Auteur: The acclaimed director of the small, unusual indies George Washington and All the Real Girls (one that featured McBride in a small role as a character named "Bust-Ass") now has what is officially the weirdest career in Hollywood. And in spite of--or maybe because of--this one, I can't wait to see where he goes next.


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Alan McCullough - 4-07-2011 8:23 PM
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lol you need to open up your eyes buddy!!

MarkA - 4-08-2011 9:57 AM
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I find Dave's reviews hilarious and refreshing. So do a lot of people, as evidenced by the fact that when Fandango took over movies.com and cut him the hue and cry was so loud that they brought him back. So all the trolls who are so upset can basically stop reading him if they want but nobody really cares what they think.

PJ - 4-08-2011 10:25 AM
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@Les - You're so wrong bud. I read Dave's reviews almost exclusively because he can take a movie for what it is, what its trying to do, and give us a good idea of how well it does it. He isn't like other reviewers and expecting every movie to be an Oscar contender, he can appreciate all types of movies.

Ash - 4-08-2011 12:31 PM
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@Les - Haha, yeah, no. Wake up. Dave's just not afraid to expose movies for what they really are, and you just happen to disagree with him here so you're trying to spread misinformation. He's really the only worthwhile, reliable movie critic out there. I don't see you reviewing movies professionally. Hmm... that must be because you're not knowledgeable enough to. Heh, what a joke.

Les - 4-08-2011 2:02 PM
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Meh, I can't say I'm very surprised that the unimaginative and boring flock to the one who reflects their beliefs. I've read quite a few of his reviews and have to say, the inability to write an accurate review and copious amount of spoilers has finally got me fed up. I was just leaving a comment for any other reader that that enjoys good movies to move along if they want an respectable review. I do find it pretty funny that Ash thinks it takes skill and knowledge to write bad reviews, however. I bet you were pretty pumped when you were promoted from the fry station to the burgers. Seriously though, I can drool through a whole movie and write a scathing review on it despite it's quality as well, can I get a job as a movie critic too?

Mike - 4-08-2011 2:17 PM
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Don't worry Les. You're not the only one that's read these reviews and maintains a functioning brain. Movie critics now-a-days are similar to politicians. If they say it's good or bad, it's the exact opposite. Don't let the mouth-breathers get ya down.

Alfred - 4-08-2011 8:29 PM
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@Les. Get a life. Dave is a better writer than you'll ever be. He's witty, gives a basic synopsis of the movie, and offers interesting thoughts and analyses along the way. He's personally my favorite movie critic and I find you to be an insufferable @#!*% .

Shea - 4-08-2011 9:10 PM
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It is a goddamn movie....

Nigel Octavious - 4-08-2011 9:14 PM
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@Les. Seriously dude, Dave White is the only movie reviewer I trust. Sure, he makes a mistake once or twice, but he's hilarious and witty. ALSO, I AM LOOKING FOR GHOULLIO! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE HE IS?

Christian - 4-09-2011 4:03 PM
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Wow Les, I guess you shouldnt have posted how you felt. All these retarts must come from North Korea

James - 4-09-2011 6:18 PM
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Everyone must understand that our society is the first stages of idocracy! We all have are own ideas and beliefs so why do we debate a critics reviews? Why not just go watch the movie for your own reasons and if you don't then wait for the DVD. Bottom line is that if your so drawn into what a critic thinks then you really are a person who can't decide anything on your own. Ask Dave what kind of clothes you should wear when you wake up. Have a nice day and don't forget to put the lid seat up ladies after you use the toilet. Just saying if guys have to put it down why don't ladies have to put it up?

Edward - 4-09-2011 11:53 PM
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I understand some people can't bring themselves to admit they like "low brow" humor as you put it. But when you say... occasionally funny lines like "I plan to burn them one by one in a symphony of shrieks." (Which is not in any way shape or form funny... and obviously not the I come to realize.... you have no concept of funny. Stick to chick flicks Dave... Grae Drake nailed the review of this film 100% Just watching the uncensored preview I said it was like Princess Bride meets Porkys... which is repeated verbatim in Drake's review. Sorry if you can't come down to our level and put aside the social morality and admit those laughs and giggles you experienced in the movie...just meant it was funny.

Michael - 4-10-2011 8:46 PM
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Sometimes I think that adding a comment section was a terrible idea.

Mr. G - 4-10-2011 9:18 PM
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Back to the movie...I loved this movie. I don't know what critics were expecting to watch when they sat down to watch a movie called, "Your Highness" starring Danny McBride...It's a lot of dick jokes and they're all hilarious. The movie pays tribute to great fantasy flicks like Legend with jokes that are not afraid take offensive to the next level (is that low brow? In that case, low brow is hilarious). Don't listen to critics and just sit back and laugh and don't think too hard about this comedy because guess what? It's a comedy.

John B - 4-11-2011 4:26 PM
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I didn't go to this movie expecting an Oscar winner. If you've seen and like Danny McBride's stuff (especially Eastbound and Down), you pretty much know what you're going to get here. The quality of the story is secondary to the schlock - and it's all worth it. My girlfriend wasn't impressed but I thought it was great.

Jesse G. - 4-12-2011 9:29 PM
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I read alot of Dave's reviews and for the most part I agree with them. I think he, like a lot of critics, put alot of emphasis on the filmmaking and content rather than what the film is essentially made for--dumb laughter. So I don't his harsh critiques to hear when it comes to a film I really enjoyed.

shao - 4-14-2011 8:29 PM
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This is ridiculous....I have been reading reviews on this site for years now and I find daves taste to be crap. I saw Hanna this week and I almost walked out. How could anyone give that movie 4 stars is beyond me. Anyhow, i love pinaepple express and all movies from that group. Your Highness was hilarious. If u r into those movies then you will love it also. Dave needs to go tell the weather

Bullio - 4-15-2011 6:14 PM
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@ shao - this is because you are part of the "stupid" demographic that likes awful films. Please, go back to playing xbox and watching "Transformers II" alone in your basement. You're pathetic.

Andie - 4-17-2011 11:19 PM
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Literally just cracked up at the part about the remote. So true, and I don't plan on going to see this.

manny - 4-18-2011 11:14 AM
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I saw this movie while "medicated" which I beleive was the way you are supposed to see it, after all it was advertised as a stoner comedy, and I loved it obviously. That is my opinion though and like everyone on a public forum, I am entitled to have one that contradicts others, dont bash on people for having different opinions than you...thats dick.

Jaime - 6-11-2011 12:48 PM
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Ah, internet wars...Don't you love them? A review is just somebody's opinion. I actually thought the movie was pretty funny, but then again, I watch anything (except No Strings Attached. It was so boring, I couldn't sit through the entire movie).

Junior - 7-30-2011 2:45 PM
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In fact, I loved this movie. I think it's a great satire without beeing cheesy as Scary Movie series, among others. The negative response from the people seems much more like a reflexion of our puritan hypocrite society.

Chris - 5-15-2014 4:05 PM
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Seeing as how I'm not a pompous know-it-all film critic, I can say that, if a movie entertained me, it is a good movie. this movie entertains me over and over again, which, in my book, makes it a GREAT movie. Hollywood seriously needs to get the collective stick out of their ass and remember that they are the 'ENTERTAINMENT' industry, and make more COMEDIES that are FUNNY (like Your Highness)! Another point. The effects in this, for a comedy, are really quite good. The creatures are great, Leezar's magic is exciting, and Portman's outfits (yes, they are magic) have some serious power.

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