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… freakishly beautiful.

Who's in It: Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Lawford, Bruce Greenwood, Paul Rodriguez, Diane Ladd

The Basics: It's a weirdly titled movie that is not, in fact, a Chariots of Fire–themed sports film set in New Delhi. It is, however, about an eccentric motorcycle racer — an Indian is a type of bike — who craves speed like Joan Rivers craves Botox.

What's the Deal? If you're going to go and get old, it's best if you remain adorable and idiosyncratic like Anthony Hopkins. That's the only way you're ever going to get a movie made about your life. Not that complaining about cuter-than-cute movie fogeys is a luxury we can indulge in these days anyway, since most Hollywood films pretend that the elderly barely register on life's scale. Anyway, this mostly true story — a New Zealand film about a man who set the land-speed record — mostly gets it right just by existing.

You Know What Else Is Adorable? Biker Gangs: Hopkins's character, Burt Munro, is menaced by some bad dudes on hogs who later have a collective change of heart and help him out in his quest for record-setting. Movie bikers are always doing stuff like this for some reason. That's why they call them Hell's Angels.

A Strong Lead Covers a Multitude of Sins: Anthony Hopkins makes you like this eccentric old coot so much that you forgive the following problems:
1. All the aforementioned cheek-pinching cuteness.
2. The fact that it's a clichéd "road movie."
3. And a clichéd "underdog at the competition" movie.
4. And a fish-out-of-water movie about a guy coming to America and being bemused nonstop by what he finds.

They Found the One Cool Thing About Utah: The Bonneville Salt Flats, where the speed trial goes down, is freakishly beautiful.


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