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Wolf Creek Review

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The last half is sick.

Who's in It: John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi, Nathan Phillips

The Basics: Three knuckleheaded 20-somethings trek out into the middle of the Australian outback with no weapons to defend themselves and no ability to fix their soon-to-be-broken-down car. So they kind of deserve to be butchered by a lunatic Crocodile Dundee guy, don't you think?

What's the Deal? This movie totally shortchanges you on the killing end of things. There are a grand total of two. And you have to wait about 45 minutes for that part to even get going. Now, to be fair, they're really gruesome torture-escape-chase-torture killings, protracted and nasty, and so it's more about the quality of death than the quantity, really. But still. That first 45 minutes is like being stuck in traffic, not even building up suspense.

Intrigued About Those First 45 Minutes? You Know You Are: Well, here's what happens — the three soon-to-be-brutalized dummies drive around, smoke and drink and party and jump into pools with their clothes on, sleep on a beach, drive around, strum guitars, look cute in little hoodies and wool caps and talk about nothing in adorable Aussie accents.

Ominous Drops of Water: Seriously, there are way more than a few set-the-mood cinematography moments of sunsets and pretty drops of water on leaves blown up 20 feet high, kangaroos hopping about. And you're squirming the whole time thinking, "START CHOPPING PEOPLE UP!"

What's Good About It: The last half is sick. The murderer and his sequel-ready hat (John Jarratt, with the role of the hat played by a hat) are wickedly effective as visual cues to begin shrieking. So just, I don't know, go laugh at Memoirs of a Geisha for 45 minutes and then wander over for the good part of Wolf Creek.

I Must Quote My Friend Aaron, Who's Really Smart About These Things: He was my viewing companion for this and after it was over he said, "Some day someone should make a movie that's all killing from start to finish, no plot, no drops of mood-water, just killing. Pure mayhem. I'd go see that."


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