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No pies were harmed.

Who’s In It: Matt Bennett, Zach Pearlman, Jacob Davich, Justin Kline, Nicole Weaver, Savannah Welch, Krysta Rodriguez, Sunny Leone

The Basics: An awkward geek—think Michael Cera’s little brother—needs to get laid and fast. All his friends have done it and he hasn’t. Meanwhile his girlfriend has sort of cheated on him. So who does he go for it with? The girl on the Internet making weird demands? His adopted sister? (Cue those shocking incest jokes) Or that porn star? So many decisions. And all of them documented on YouTube, of course, the place that both mocks you for not having a life and that simultaneously allows you to create one for the whole world to see.

What’s The Deal: The fake documentary format has gotten out of hand (these guys also wrote The Last Exorcism, which is shot in the same way) but there’s something endearing about this twist on the format, the way it explores the naïve narcissism of YouTube exhibitionism. And you could say the same thing for the beating-a-dead-horse subject matter: teen boys doing anything it takes to get sex. But again, it’s loose and light and kind of miserably funny and really dirty and isn’t out to hurt anyone. So sure, let it be. There are other, way better examples of this genre (see below) but every few years there needs to be a new one made so that the kids of that moment can think it’s about them and their special snowflakery. If you think you’re too old for it then you are.

About Being Too Old: One of the great things about being over 40 (like me) is that there was no Internet when I was young and so not only did I not grow up during a time when everyone compulsively documented every bowl of cereal they ever ate or each unfortunate karaoke performance, I don’t have to have my horrible adolescence of terrible skin and stupid punk rock haircuts following me around until I’m collecting a pension. This movie made me grateful for that, if nothing else.

Co-Starring A Real-Life Porn Star: Her name is Sunny Leone and her resume includes Sunny’s Slumber Party, House of Naked Captives, Descent Into Bondage, The Other Side of Sunny and It’s Sunny in Brazil. She has also recently branched out into directing with titles like Hot Anal Adventures.

Not that this is vital information. It's just fun to say the titles of porn videos.

See Also: The Last American Virgin. It was this early '80s comedy about the same subject, but it threw major curve balls at the audience, including an ending so downbeat and heart-rending that it would never get made today with the same script. Seek it out. It's an amazing artifact.


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Beavis - 9-14-2010 6:40 PM
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uh huh huh. He said porn.

Cornholio - 9-14-2010 7:56 PM
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Lolz! This movie is allegedly pretty good. I'm glad they aren't showing any trailers for it and I know nothing about it.

Stewart - 9-14-2010 7:59 PM
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Damn, I washed my Winger t-shirt with bleach! Now it's a tie die.

Billis - 9-22-2010 11:51 PM
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The Last American Virgin killed me (in a good way I suppose). There was a lot of Fast Times at Ridgemont high in it.

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