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Who's in It: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, John Hurt

The Basics: Kids, today's lesson is that someday, when the religious fascists take over, crushing dissent and exterminating undesirable humans who won't get with the program, it's going to be totally OK to commit terrorist acts to further the cause of the great revolution of justice. You're not really a nasty suicide-bomber if you're the good guys.

What's the Deal? Bush fans (the president, not the crappy band with Gwen Stefani's husband), you might as well stay home and not get yourselves in a bunch over this super-entertaining movie. It's not for you. It's for the rest of us, who are totally freaked out that right-wingers are running the country, the ones who've been harboring revenge fantasies for the past six years. And fans of subtlety are also advised to steer clear, because it's as paranoid and pompous a piece of brazen looniness as you'll see this year.

How It's Like The Legend of Billie Jean: Remember that movie with Helen Slater and the Pat Benatar song? The one in which Helen is fighting The Man and shaves her head and becomes a symbol of oppressed teens everywhere? V is just like that, except it's Natalie Portman with the shaved head. Also, there's no Pat Benatar. Instead there's a Cat Power song.

Who Else Should Stay Away: Hardcore fans of the graphic novel. You people are impossible to please anyway.

My Favorite Parts: Every time Stephen Fry is on-screen, especially when his character, a TV presenter, hosts a bit that includes showgirls and a guy in a gorilla suit being chased around the set like it's the Benny Hill Show, all fast-motion to the song "Yakkity Sax." Nobody dislikes that song. Oh, yeah, and the part in which Natalie Portman tries to make out with Hugo Weaving's mask. Because it's gross.


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