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To do: Watch train try to kill people. Eat popcorn.

Who's In It: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Corrigan, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Dunn

The Basics: Thanks to negligence and, ultimately, corporate greed, a freight train carrying toxic chemicals is zooming into a highly populated area of Pennsylvania, which makes it, in the awesome words of Rosario Dawson's character, "A MISSILE THE SIZE OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING!" Standing in the way of the furious locomotive is Denzel Washington, his perpetual aura of alpha-dog confrontation fully intact and engaged here, as a disgruntled rail employee soon to face forced early retirement at half benefits (while the fat-cat boss man plays golf and gambles with the lives of innocent citizens). His assistant is rookie partner Chris Pine, who may have flown a space ship in Star Trek but isn't as skilled with runaway trains. At least not until the script makes it Hero Time.

What's The Deal: You have to have never seen a movie before to be surprised by how this all turns out, but that shouldn't stop you from seeing it and having a really great time. That's mostly thanks to director Tony Scott, an incredibly hyperactive filmmaker. He likes everything loud and face-punchy, his camera whiplashes you like a rickety wooden roller coaster and he's not much for making subtle points about anything. His bad guys are cold and callous, his good guys are Average Joes with stuff to prove. And while you could re-enact the whole story in 10 seconds using the Junior Mints you got at concession as stand-ins for both the train and the people, Scott's talent is making you tense up, yell, "WATCH OUT FOR THAT COMMUTER TRAIN FULL OF SCHOOL CHILDREN!" at the screen and forget you already know how it's all going to turn out.

Coolest Thing About It: The opening shots of the movie make it look like it's going to be a slasher film or the trains are all about to eat you alive. And the terror train careening down the tracks is about as Jaws-like as an inanimate object can be. It's shot like a monster with a mission to track down humans and obliterate them. You really do want that in a movie about a killer choo-choo.

The Other Coolest Thing About It: Old-school special effects. Real explosions. They even shot an actual train derailment. Take that CGI.

What To Bring With You To The Theater: Earplugs. There are more booms, crashes, screeches, and joltingly loud sound effects here than you've seen in a movie all year long. Like take Iron Man 2 and Paranormal Activity 2 and Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter and put them all together. This will damage your eardrums more.


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JohnB - 11-12-2010 2:25 AM
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Always been a Tony Scott fan, it's done got to the point where it doesn't really matter the movie he comes out with, plots and all aside I will probably watch it no matter what and this will be no exception.

Mark - 11-12-2010 9:07 AM
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I'll watch anything with the lovely Rosario Dawson in it. Even Gemini Division.

WS - 11-12-2010 3:29 PM
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I would love to eat me some Rosario Dawson (especially the one in Sin City).

nin - 11-12-2010 8:18 PM
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Yeah, Dave's pretty spot on in his review. I absolutely love the lack of CGI, and of course the whole evil i-swear-its-friggin-obsessed train that just doesnt stop. Until like, the end of the movie. :D

raven - 11-13-2010 10:57 AM
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it has a ton of action in it! + if you like train movies this is the one for you!

metha SIZEMORE - 11-13-2010 8:18 PM
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Fantasic movie, real thing and no CGI, which means the stunt crew earned every dollar. Well acted and love it when the "boss" says he will fire Denzel... and Denzel informs him that he already has... great casting, writing, directing... thank you Tony Scott.

Laura - 11-14-2010 10:36 AM
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A major disappointment. Dave, you led me astray. This movie is every bit as dumb as a movie about a killer train sounds like it will be and there aren't nearly enough explosions to justify the price of admission. I waited eagerly for the big train derailment and then realized toward the end of the movie that I had already seen it. Denzel Washington must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Skinwalker - 11-14-2010 10:47 AM
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I think Raven summed it up best: "If you like train movies, this is the one for you!" Of course if you think a movie might need more than a large metal box moving along two smaller rails of metal and several shots of people in a control room shouting, "Come on, Frank!" then this movie might NOT be the one. This movie was insultingly stupid. I think my wife summed it up best when she said, "Oh my god, what was I thinking?"

robert Pavich - 11-14-2010 6:45 PM
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I thought the movie was pretty good. Had some tence parts in it. Defenatly wasn't the best movie but it be a good movie to go see again.

Aimee - 11-14-2010 8:50 PM
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"killer choo-choo" hahahaha Dave you're the best.

Moviedude - 11-15-2010 7:20 AM
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Danzel can still do action flick! atta boy! Dave you're review is perfect.

Riddle - 11-15-2010 5:05 PM
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iv always wanted too see a killer train movie. imma go see this tomorrow!

willie - 11-15-2010 7:00 PM
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i grew up in the town. i know the area it was shot really well and they shot the train in the same spot 2 or 3 times for different scenes. also the order of towns was off and the places the train was during the movie was out of order from the actual places. and the towns were out of order. i guess knowing the area ruined it for me

nadea - 11-18-2010 11:47 AM
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great review, but i still won't see it. that movie trailer had me cracking up all night.... they totally set it up like the train was some monster serial killer on a rampage. OMG that TRAIN is comin' ta kill you! NO. SERIOUSLY. IT'S A KILLER TRAIN! pahahaha!

Sera - 11-18-2010 11:32 PM
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Dude, I just get on to read your reviews to cheer me up. Most of the time, I'm not even interested in the movie. You're by far, one of the most awesome critics ever. :D Killer choo-choo. lol epic.

dakotasyren - 11-19-2010 4:35 PM
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Thanks for doing this. You are the greatest reviewer of all time.

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