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… [like an] episode of Seventh Heaven.

Who's in It: Drew Fuller, James Garner, Ali Hillis, Abigail Breslin, Lee Meriwether, Brian Dennehy

The Basics: Fresh from the new Christian films marketing division of Fox called Fox Faith (no, this isn't me trying to be funny) comes the story of recently deceased billionaire Garner who leaves his party-boy grandson a videotaped series of character-building moral challenges he must accomplish before receiving his inheritance. It's like Survivor if that show were hosted and co-hosted by Oprah and God.

What's the Deal? Not a proselytizing piece of propaganda like Left Behind: the Movie or The Cross and the Switchblade, instead, this just dives headfirst into a murky swamp of modern American Evangelical prosperity theology. It's the obey-these-rules-and-you'll-be-blessed-with-riches brand of Christianity that folks like Jim Bakker and Robert Tilton used to preach, now repackaged as The Secret. And it'll make you wish for Pat Boone to pop in for a minute and convert some knife-wielding gang members instead. At least that was fun to watch.

What It Most Resembles: A special two-hour Thanksgiving episode of Seventh Heaven.

Where You've Seen Fuller, the Lead Guy: He's most well-known for being on Charmed. And the only reason I even know that is because that's one of my mom's favorite shows. Don't ask me why. She liked Jag a lot, too.

Hey, It's That Guy: The suit-wearing lawyer in charge of handling Garner's will and putting Fuller through the gift paces is veteran character actor Bill Cobbs. He's 71, has been in a million different things and made his debut in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three — a much, much, much cooler movie than this one.


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