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Tyler Perry's Temptation Review Critics


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Sinners in the hands of an angry Tyler Perry. Read full review

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  • 30

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    Village Voice

    Temptation’s refusal to find nuance in its didactic worldview ensures that the film will ultimately only succeed for audiences already in agreement with it.

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  • 30

    out of 100

    The New York Times Andy Webster

    Limp pacing and countless shots of Washington’s skyline plague the narrative. Ms. Smollett-Bell exudes an earthy appeal, but it’s the charismatic Mr. Jones who steals the picture. Given all the stifling preachiness, that’s to be expected.

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  • 30

    out of 100

    The Hollywood Reporter Frank Scheck

    Onscreen, it somehow manages to be at once wildly overblown and terminally boring.

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  • 58

    out of 100

    Entertainment Weekly

    A few wild, third-act twists give Perry's middling melodrama some soap-opera kick. But all the finger-wagging sure does get tiring after a while.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Iffy for 14+

Soapy melodrama has mixed messages about love and marriage.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Temptation is another Tyler Perry drama that deals with issues of marriage, fidelity, and faith. Like most of Perry's movies, there's an emphasis on mature (and sometimes disturbing) issues like adultery, domestic abuse, and even HIV. There are a couple of sex scenes (as well as a party where both same- and opposite-sex couples kiss) and plenty of sexual references. Language includes a few uses of "s--t," "a--hole," and "bitch," and there's some upsetting violence: A man beats his girlfriend nearly unconscious, a woman describes how her ex tried to kill her, and a man pounds on another man after learning of his despicable actions. Substance abuse (alcohol and cocaine) is also depicted.

  • Families can talk about what Tyler Perry's Temptation has to say about marriage. Is there a bias against "young" marriage in the movie? Do you agree with the idea that people should be intimate with more than one person in order to know if they're truly compatible? Parents, talk to your teens about your own values regarding sex and relationships.
  • Does it seem believable that someone like Judith would turn away from her marriage (especially considering she's a marriage counselor) so easily? What could she have done to avoid the titular "temptation"?
  • Critics of Perry's movies complain that they're too preachy and soap operaish. Do you think there were too many "issues" explored in the movie? Did it seem like a morality tale? If so, what's the takeaway?

The good stuff
  • message true1

    Messages: Tyler Perry's movies always aim to offer life-affirming messages about faith, family, friendship, and, in this case, marriage. That said, the main character in Temptation demonstrates how easy it is for even the most faithful to succumb to temptation. And there are several mixed messages about gender roles within a relationship and whether a relationship can survive infidelity. A man challenges the notion that a couple who has never had sex with anyone else can truly have a "sexually compatible" relationship.

  • rolemodels true1

    Role models: Although he forgets his wife's birthday two years in a row, Brice is still a loving husband who does his best to genuinely apologize and make up for his mistakes. Even after Judith leaves him, he still loves her enough to save her from a destructive relationship. Judith starts out being a positive role model, but once she gives in to Harley's overwhelming advances, she stops being herself and acts completely out of character.

What to watch for
  • violence false2

    Violence: For most of the movie, there isn't any violence. But there are a couple of upsetting scenes: A man beats a woman and leaves her battered and bruised in a bathtub. And a man beats another man (who is himself a domestic abuser). In other scenes, a man nearly comes to blow with a bicyclist who accidentally hits a woman he's interested in while they're running, and a man angrily tries to remove his wife from a party and then slams his door so furiously that the side mirror breaks. A woman also slaps and pushes a man away before they start kissing passionately. 

  • sex false3

    Sex: No nudity, but many references to sex and adultery, as well as a couple of sex (or just before/after sex ) scenes. A man claims that a married woman can't be sexually satisfied with her husband if she's never had sex with anyone else; he makes many overt advances and propositions. A wife tries to have "animalistic" sex with her husband, who initially rebuffs her. Two sex scenes are shown without much skin, but there's definitely kissing. At a party, several couples (both same- and opposite-sex) are shown making out, and a woman sits provocatively on another woman's lap.

  • language false3

    Language: A couple of uses of "s--t," "bitch," "a--hole," "ass," "hell," "damn," and "oh my God." Milder words like "hell," "jerk," "jackass," etc. are used sporadically but not frequently.

  • consumerism false2

    Consumerism: Some brands are visible (mostly Apple, Jimmy Choo, and Ferrari), but products aren't usually the focus of a scene, except when a woman shops at a high-end boutique and a man compliments another man on his sports car.

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: In one scene, two adults drink heavily, snort cocaine (it's obscured but clear that's what they're doing), and act generally out of it. Otherwise, mostly just a glass of wine here, another of champagne there, at parties or dinner.