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The harder, better, faster, stronger sequel.

Who's In It: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen

The Basics: Backing up a bit for newcomers, in the original Tron Jeff Bridges was a software engineer/game designer who finds himself trapped inside "the grid" of a computer, his digitized self battling a tyrannical power structure bent on dominating all of life as we know it. Nearly 30 years later, that alterna-Bridges has "perfected" itself and trapped the flesh-and-bones Bridges back in The Grid. It's up to his long-abandoned adult son to right all wrongs and hurl all those glowy information disc thingies at the bad people so they shatter into tiny shards of glass-like code-crumbles and fall into the black oblivion.

What's The Deal: All the money is on the screen. They took their 200 million bucks or however much this cost and they made a dark ride that's more thrilling and coldly beautiful to look at than anything else you've seen at the movies this year outside of Enter the Void. Can't follow the plot because of all the made-up jargon? No worries, just think good people vs. bad people (you'll follow who that is unless you're asleep) and prepare to have your senses pounded by a wickedly loud, bass-heavy laser show. Best of all it's not cheeky; it doesn't wink at you. It takes itself as seriously as the original, as seriously as you want it to, giving new audiences a way in and old-school Tron-heads plenty of insider love. (For example, check out the bartender at the End of Line Club. You may recognize him.) I'm actually going to buy a ticket to see it again. I never do that.

The Drawbacks: That jargon. They throw it at you and don't really explain it. If you're really attentive you'll figure it out. And even if you're following along you'll be smirking from time to time at the gobbledygook-ishness of it all, especially when Jeff Bridges gets all free-jazz with his philosophizing and optimistic futurism, talking about "isomorphic algorithms" for a better tomorrow. There's also Michael Sheen's weirdly fey Joel Grey-in-Cabaret-like character. He purses his lips a lot and there doesn't seem to be a reason why. But other than that stuff, it's all thumping sound and spectacle, a candy rave for your eyes.

The Daft Punk: They have an extended cameo as the DJs at the End of Line Club, obliviously bobbing their heads in a rectangular window as chaos and explosions rumble all around them. And more importantly, they're responsible for the film's perfect fit music. The original movie more or less invented this band anyway, with its Wendy Carlos score of clonking noises and atmospheric whooshes. Add some house beats to that, put Tron-like helmets on the DJs and there's your band's awesome gimmick.

The Digitalface: "Young" Jeff Bridges--it's an unsettling, freak-like motion capture performance--is so disconcerting to look at that his non-humanity actually enhances his character's badness. They are this close to making digital people look real in movies, but still about a million years away in terms of how that image makes you feel about the "person" you're viewing. Creepy. Enjoy.


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Sephyxx - 12-16-2010 5:14 PM
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Good for you dave. i find it very presumptuous to judge this kind of movies as if they were dramatic or romantic movies when the truth is that is not a promise that this movie made to anyone, 'cause this is a great sci-fi movie and as a sci fi movie it excels on almost every item this kind of movies need to have to be considered as great: excellent score and soundtrack, dazzling visuals, very good technical realization..and storytelling? very entertaining so you won't lose any interest on the plot and have a very good time..jen's review is predictable and unfair 'cause she intentionally look for things that doesn't need to be there to make it a good movie..maybe she doesn't like sci fi genre, but that's not tron's business

Old Tron Fan - 12-18-2010 7:34 AM
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Don't waste your money on the 2D version like I did. I loved the first movie, and this one has few of the spiritual/existential themes that were embedded in the first film's narrative. Bridges is about 25% as fun as the first movie, and there is almost no plot to speak of. Sci-fi fans will be disappointed. The special effects are the only thing worth viewing here... Read Jen's review instead. 100% accurate.

Jen dumb - 12-18-2010 3:18 PM
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Jen's comment is not 100% accurate you stupid old tron fan. This movie is a worthy sequel to its predecessor. Special effects were excellent, acting was solid, and it had a lot of the elements from the original Tron.

MEEfO - 12-18-2010 4:43 PM
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Old Tron Fan is clearly one of those guys who can't look past nostalgia to something new. I too am a fan of the old Tron. This is a worthy sequel. Jeff Bridges is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, especially allowing him to play off of himself, via the Flynn/ CLU dichotomy. Like Cybergosh above I hope a 3rd is in the making. Teasing us with that great Cillian Murphy cameo as Dillinger's son left me hoping to see him on the grid. Not this time, but he'll make a hell of an adversary in part 3. My only complaint is I don't see this movie pushing the boundaries of CGI as the original did. Aside from that, a good time.

Who? - 12-18-2010 7:57 PM
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Just saw the movie...amazing. But who plays the bartender at the End of the Line Club? I couldn't recongnize him.

ribye - 12-19-2010 7:59 PM
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Loved the original and thought this did it all the justice in the world, its hard act to follow but hats off they did a great job and I found myself completly absorbed in the plot and movie, sit back and enjoy

ERIK - 12-20-2010 8:04 AM
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roughy - 12-20-2010 1:18 PM
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Is it really such a great 3d experience as suggested by this review http://www.reviewmaze.com/2010/12/tron-legacy-review-latest-tron-movie.html. It says that it's the first 3d movie that worth since avatar.

Real_Review - 12-22-2010 6:16 PM
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This was the WORST film of the year, if not decade. There were hardly any 3D effects and even less action. The advertisers did a great job, just like they did for another infamous terrible 3D film, Metal Storm. If you are truly sadistic and are willing to sign a liability waiver then by all means waste your money; otherwise I recommend you get a root canal or something else less painful. I am dumbfounded anyone could give this piece of garage a positive review. I feel like e reviewer, Dave, mugged me. I am considering suing for pain and suffering.

Mike - 12-23-2010 6:30 AM
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Don't listen to Real_review. The fact that they didn't abuse 3D in this film and used it in a subtle manner made the film more quality. There's no much 3D garbage out there now and the new Tron is definitely not of them. Great film, well done, not cheesy in the slightest bit. If you liked the original Tron and you are open and progressive with your thinking, the new Tron will not let you down.

ME - 12-23-2010 3:28 PM
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dude, what's wrong with having nostalgia with a movie? If the sequel doesn't fit in well with the original, then there's no point in calling it a sequel. Hard-core fans are necessary when creating a new installment after a long time.

Lane Brain - 12-25-2010 6:36 PM
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Come On Now, I Am 55 Years Old And Never Even Saw Or Cared To See The Original "TRON" So, Gimmie A BREAK "CHIP-HEADS" Forget About The "ORIGINAL" And Start From SCRATCH And Enjoy The Dog-Gone-Movie..It Is Like" People Always Have To Have Some MORONIC ISSUE To Deal With..STOP-IT!!! Oh Yea,,,,Disney Already Has The Investments In The Bank For #3 And #4 So You Can Drop That From Your Arguement DOO-DOE!

savvy - 12-26-2010 5:19 PM
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I literally just got back from seeing this movie... I agree with "Lane Brain" above me. Forget about the first tron start seeing the new and IMPROVED Tron!! I think it is an amazing film. Sotry plot was a little hard to follow but, I kept up. Cora was amazing. She was so fiesty! Very happy to see that she was the last "one" of his creation. It was a very thrilling film. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I normally don't want to see a movie twice. But this one, I would deffinitly see two or even three times. I wouldn't care. I could probably see it so many times I would memorize the script and not care!! ~Savvy

sue - 12-30-2010 2:48 PM
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how awsome was that movie;)

sue - 12-30-2010 2:49 PM
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how awsome was that movie;)

Greg - 1-01-2011 6:03 PM
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I saw it and I left wishing I had waited for the DVD release. I was born the year the first movie came out. I remember seeing it on TV or something, but I never cared. This movie was the same way, I found myself not really caring either way. The plot was alright, the technical jargon was just that: jargon. And the movie was really, REALLY dark, a by-product of filming in 3D. It kind of hurt my eyes it was so dark, which usually doesn't happen to me on 3D films. I agree with "savvy" though, Cora was gorgeous.

Jose - 1-02-2011 9:46 AM
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Tron,SUCKS,Tron,SUCKS... Hey don't waste your money .. at the other hand is you really want to see a bad film ... see TRON

EmptyHead - 1-02-2011 4:07 PM
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Spot on review. Go see it, IMax 3D if possible.

ohik - 1-18-2011 8:35 PM
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Being a 74 year old i saw this today with my 11 year old. (Baby sitting-no school.) I have no idea what was going on until I read the reviews of what I had been looking at. the 11 year old enjoyed it so it must be geared for 11 year olds. Now True Grit that was a film to sink your teeth into if you want to see Mr. Bridges, Tron was a waste of time. I use to say there were 5 good movies a year, we are really down to maybe two-

Ronin - 2-20-2011 11:11 PM
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Sorry for coming to this so late, but you made a mistake in your review. The original Tron movie was that Bridges was physically transported into the computer realm. There all of the programs look like their programmers. So his program CLU looks like him. What happened in the sequel we find is that CLU overtakes Tron, and traps Bridges in the computer realm (physically). That's what makes this different from the Matrix (and yet so similar- Matrix of the 80's ahead of its time). In fact, as a Tron fan from way back, the only part that made me queasy was the bar scene and the obvious Merovingian (from the Matrix sequels) rip off. Almost the exact same character. Other than that the movie rocked and was true to the original (but added sentient

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