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… a more chainsaw-intensive Fahrenheit 9/11.

Who's in It: Jaime King, Paz de la Huerta, Balthazar Getty, Lukas Haas, Thomas Jane, Jason Mewes, Paul Reubens, David Arquette

The Basics: A little kid traumatized Halloween-style by a violent standoff between his conservative father and some environmentalists grows up to put on a Ronald Reagan mask and chop a bunch of hippie twentysomethings to death. And now for a history lesson: Ronald Reagan was an American president in the 1980s (one reason this movie is as intentionally sloppy and goofy as an '80s slasher film), and he was the George W. Bush of his day. In fact, non-right-wing people thought they'd never have a president who was worse than Reagan until Dubya came along. So think of this as a more chainsaw-intensive Fahrenheit 9/11.

What's the Deal? If you're the kind of person who likes their political films with lots of gore and zero subtlety, then here you go. The killer is the result of Reagan's slashing of budgets for mental health institutions during his time as California's governor and in the '80s as president. The killer even has a pig named George who eats the castoff limbs of his owner's victims. The message is not clouded at all: Iraq is Vietnam, Bush the Second is the logical successor to a maniac, and while you continue to be distracted by people like Imus (or in the case of this film, drugs), the government is slaughtering people all around you.

How Scary Is It? Not. It's got a lot of ketchup and some guts (which, for gore-enthusiasts like myself, is sometimes enough), but it's more concerned with raging against the machine for a niche horror audience that may not even care about the politics involved.

Why It's Worth Looking at Anyway: Reubens as a capitalist hippie concert promoter proves that Reubens is never not cool. Meanwhile, the grew-up-to-be-oddly-interesting Haas is in it, too, as is Mewes performing the unusual task of being Not Jay of Jay and Silent Bob.

Budget-Saving Cameo: From Courteney Cox, who presumably was just hanging around in the first place. I should mention that husband David directed.


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