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… fussy, anxious, smart …

Who's In It: Chris Eigeman, Ian Holm, Famke Janssen, Blair Brown, Stephanie March, Harris Yulin

The Basics: Smarty-pants private school English teacher Eigeman falls for the conveniently widowed, superrich and hot Janssen. Meanwhile, his crazily demanding psychiatrist keeps appearing in his imagination while he's in the bathroom or in bed with her.

What's the Deal? Every once in a while, after a week of watching movie after movie like Kickin' It Old Skool, it's nice to see something equally not-important but that at least has characters in it who seem like they went to college and paid attention and can talk about Aristotle if the situation calls for it. And if you're going to go for fussy, anxious, smart and stiff urban-honky, then you cast Whit Stillman alter ego Eigeman.

Laff-O-Meter: Well, it's kind of a dramedy, really, so it's not out to bust your gut or anything. But it's less funny than it is one of those movies designed to make its target demographic feel good about how cluttered with books their apartments are.

For Example: In one scene, Janssen and Eigeman are chopping tomatoes and talking about Raymond Carver's book Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?. So then Janssen, at one point, says, "Will you please kiss me, please?" It's kind of adorable. Then you remember that she's Jean Grey from X-Men and would never have to ask a guy to kiss her.

One Beef: It's all very nice, but they do this one thing here that drives me crazy. That's when the characters are typing an e-mail or an instant message, and they speak the words they're typing. Why? For the audience members who can't read? I know it's barely worth mentioning, but it happens every single time and, dang, it drives me nuts.


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