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Who's In It: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston

The Basics: He time travels. She doesn't. They fall in love. Okay, actually, they've somehow always been in love because she meets him and tells him this before he knows her. Then he goes back in time to hit on her when she's six and tell her, "In the future we're friends," which really means, "I've got an internal countdown clock to your 18th birthday on my wall at my future house and I'm grooming you to be my woman. Also, I'm Eric Bana so you don't really stand a chance." Later, she complains about this.

What's The Deal: This movie would be cooler if it didn't make time travel seem like the biggest chore ever. First of all, Bana never gets to go someplace cool like the kid in that crappy Jumper movie. No sitting on top of pyramids or making out with Marie Antoinette for this guy. He jumps back and forth in his own life, more or less, and never seems to be able to leave Chicago. Also? No DeLorean. But most annoyingly, whatever rules of time travel he's bound by are always hidden from the audience. The where, why, how and who cares of this epic romance is always confusing and never compelling.

Reasons Why You Might Want To See It Anyway: The part where the dirge-playing wedding band (cameo by Broken Social Scene, by the way) treats the happy newlyweds to a funeral march version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart." And the way the couple tries to trick each other into having or not having a baby is a plotline worthy of its own bizarre film.

Major Disappointment: The movie also introduces the concept of time-traveling fetuses, yet we're never treated to this in any visual way. When Rachel McAdams finally gives birth you're hoping that the baby evaporates upon delivery and travels to the It's Alive island of monster-infants, but no one had the nerve to take that kind of liberty with the original book.

Speaking Of That Original Book: Maybe if you read it first the characters will seem like old friends you're interested in revisiting on screen. And you can fill in the narrative blanks so it won't all seem like such a swirling suckpool of incoherence.


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