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  • 42

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    Entertainment Weekly Lisa Schwarzbaum

    So shameless is The Kingdom, ignoring consequence and treating its audience like cash-dispensing machines with buttons to be pushed rather than thinking individuals willing to consider the reality of America's entanglement with the Middle East.

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  • 50

    out of 100

    Wall Street Journal Joe Morgenstern

    The Kingdom comes down to a police procedural, and one whose procedures prove none too interesting.

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  • 60

    out of 100

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Berg's movie is no more than an action movie with an exotic backdrop. That would be fine, if only the movie were more exciting. It succeeds neither as a pointed political commentary nor as a taut thriller.

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  • 63

    out of 100

    USA Today Claudia Puig

    Director Peter Berg's frenetic style heightens tension and a sense of disorientation. But some will find its chaotic quality dizzying and off-putting.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Iffy for 16+

Intense, bloody look at Mid East violence.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that this intense, bloody movie isn't for kids. There are explosions, shootings, hand-to-hand combat, torture, kidnapping, a careening car chase, explicit shots of bloody bodies and body parts, and more. The overall plot and themes are also mature -- terrorism, graphic crime investigation, children at risk and killed, etc. -- and the camerawork is especially chaotic (some viewers may be bothered by its pretty much nonstop movement). Language includes multiple uses of "f--k" (which offends the Saudi police chief) and other profanity.

  • Families can talk about how violence is portrayed in this movie. Is it realistic or gratuitous? What message is the movie sending about the cycle of violence in the Middle East? Who "wins" in this movie? Families can also discuss how the U.S. FBI team members react to their new environment in Saudi Arabia. Are they respectful or arrogant? How do they get what they want, even when they're supposed to obey local restrictions?

The good stuff
  • message true0

    Messages: The FBI team is stalwart, and the Saudi police colonel is noble (tensions between them evolve into friendship and mutual respect). Bombers are relentlessly villainous.

What to watch for
  • violence false5

    Violence: Opening montage shows archival news footage of war and terrorism (including a plane hitting the World Trade Center on 9/11). The early Riyadh attack scene includes explosions; shootings of men in uniforms, civilians, and children (a child watches a man get shot); bloody limbs, torsos, and faces; many bodies falling; and a suicide bomber exploding a grenade. Observers videotape the attack; the footage appears again in the film, and flashbacks show the attack several times. A forensics team examines the bomb crater, including body parts. Tense confrontation leads to a man slapping another. Retired bomb-maker talks about being haunted by "dead faces" and shows his hand, which is missing fingers. Roadside bomb explodes a car. Shoot-out leaves bloody bodies (shown in close-up). Chase scene features cars crashing and frenzied camerawork. Team member is kidnapped, dragged (leaving a bloody trail), tied up, tortured, and very bloody. Team's assault on the kidnappers' hideout involves lots of shooting, chaos, and noise (as well as children as witnesses), and the death of a key character.

  • sex false0

    Sex: Brief reference to Janet's T-shirted figure, which Saudi hosts believe should be covered more completely (Ron says she must "dial down the boobies"). Brief kiss.

  • language false5

    Language: Language includes lots of uses of "f--k" (20+), plus "s--t," "bulls--t," "goddamn," "son of a bitch," "lucky bastard," and other phrases ("circle jerk," "you big queer").

  • consumerism false3

    Consumerism: Images of or references to CNN, Larry King, Washington Post, Scrabble, L.L. Bean, Washington Wizards, Kobe Bryant, Rambo, the Hulk, Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man), and The Pixies (band T-shirt).

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: A few scenes of a character smoking cigarettes.