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… so bad and not-funny …

Who's In It: David Koechner, Carl Weathers, Matthew Lawrence, Melora Hardin

The Basics: Inept coach, inept players, non-traditional teammates, wacky nicknames for everyone that tell you everything you need to know about them, MTV Movie Award-esque bits where things get lamely parodied and referenced just for the sake of referencing them (There's a guy named "Randy" instead of a guy named "Rudy," get it? I know, hilarious!), a come-from-behind season, an inability to understand that Airplane! is the gold standard because everyone kept a straight face. Makes you wonder why the line between theatrical release and straight-to-DVD isn't more clearly defined.

What's the Deal? This movie is so bad and not-funny that I wanted to punch myself in the face for even witnessing it. And there has to be a point where someone finally says, "Okay that horse is dead, so let's stop beating it." Right? I mean, just eventually that's going to have to happen, isn't it? People will get bored with this sort of non-movie and stop caring? Please? I ask — beg really — because I'm feeling like I need some mercy from the creators (one of whom, director Tom Brady, also directed The Hot Chick, if that tells you anything, and it should).

Who Deserves Better. Way Better: Star David Koechner, who's been in good movies before and is a genuinely funny guy. But we all do stuff for paychecks. I, for example, went to see this movie for one.

Who Should See It: People who thought Date Movie and Epic Movie were funny. You have to be out there somewhere, because those movies made money in spite of their reprehensible lack of comedy. In fact, I'd rather sit through Epic Movie again, in a pit of snakes, than have to endure one more film of this sort. There. That'll be my personal sacrifice for cinema. I'll do it if the powers that be will promise to knock it off.

Includes the Wasted Talents Of: Reno 911!'s Kerry Kenney-Silver, former SNL guy Finesse Mitchell, Will Arnett and Dax Shepard.


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