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The Bank Job Review

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… it's a lot of fun …

Who's in It: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Richard Lintern, Stephen Campbell Moore, Daniel Mays

The Basics: Based on a real heist that happened in England in 1971, this complicated, period-detail-heavy bank-robbers movie is all about what happened when a heist that was at first all about money accidentally uncovers some photos of high-profile Brits in sex-scandal-making positions.

What's the Deal? I will now officially eat my words over this one. I mocked its generic title a few weeks ago in a column, assuming that it would be boring and uncool, even though Jason Statham is kind of a badass and was the Transporter. Well, I was wrong. Aside from some cheesy "wocka-chicka" guitar on the soundtrack, it's a lot of fun. Sort of pointless fun, but still, a good time.

Old School Is New Again: What makes this seem kind of fresh is its vintage approach. No one has a cell phone, no one has a computer, the technology involved is all "let's dig a tunnel and crack the safe" sort of stuff. And they have great jackets.

Who Keeps It Going: Statham and Burrows. He's got his routine down tight. He's never going to be the sensitive man in any movie. In fact, his perpetual facial stubble is part of his acting technique. And I don't know where she's been hiding (I mean, I do know, though I'd never really given her much thought before), but suddenly she's able to hold the camera in ways that are more advanced than when she was a model. She makes a very nice, somewhat sad femme fatale.

For Fans Of: Urban legends about the Royal Family, British teeth, non-posh accents.


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