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Who's in It: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, Frank Langella, Eva Marie Saint, James Marsden

The Basics: Are you trying to tell me that Margot Kidder was so busy that they couldn't get her to show up as Lois Lane's mom or something? And that's really my only beef. Because I loved this movie. Not in the gay way or anything. Because Superman's not gay, as gay director Bryan Singer has gone on record as saying. Good thing we've cleared up that burning international issue.

What's the Deal? Summer movie audiences' expectations have been moron-ed to infinity and beyond by Hollywood. They now assume films will be pure sensation without humanity and actually get upset when it's not on the menu. Well, dig it, dumb people. This is a Superman movie that gives you its biggest bang early in the film. Not that the rest is boring. It's just that this isn't about "Look what Superman can do!" It's got all the heart and soul that's been missing from every other superhero movie that isn't about the X-Men.

What Else Is Good About It: Kevin Spacey's maniacally mean Lex Luthor made me forget that I find Kevin Spacey completely irritating. Parker Posey as his sidekick Kitty is very, very Parker Posey-ish (and that's awesome), and Eva Marie Saint, in her small role as Mrs. Kent, is sweet and sad. Brandon Routh makes a very decent cape guy, and only Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane seems slightly less than sturdy. But not by much.

Nerdtronic Stuff: If you're a Man of Steel–obsessed person, you'll be pleased to know that certain things that only you will get have been included. For example, watch for the re-creation of the cover of Action Comics No. 1. The opening credits will make fans of the 1978 movie very happy. And watch for cameos by Noel Neill and Jack Larson (from the '50s TV show; they were Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, respectively). See what I mean about the lack of Margot Kidder?

Dear Afraid-to-Fly People: There's a horrifying plane-in-peril scene that will make you wet your pants. I only say this because I'm one of you, and for a few seconds, it was like I was watching United 93 again. Then, when that part's over, you'll be like, "Where are the snakes?"


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